Angelina Jolie hawks expensive gift she got from Brad Pitt

Los Angeles, California - Angelina Jolie doesn't even want to keep any of the amazing gifts Brad Pit gave her.

Angelina Jolie is selling a painting by Winston Churchill.
Angelina Jolie is selling a painting by Winston Churchill.  © IMAGO / PA Images

The actor is selling the one and only painting by former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill painted during World War II.

On Wednesday, the auction house Christie's in London told the German Press Agency that the Jolie Family Collection offered them the piece. CNN initially reported that Jolie was selling the piece.

The work was a gift from her estranged ex, Brad Pitt (57), who is said to be a big art fan. The auction house expects up get 2.5 million pounds ($3.8million) for the piece at the event on March 1.

The painting, called Tower of the Koutoubia Mosque, is believed to be the only work Churchill painted during the Second World War. It was alledgedly painted in 1943 after the Casablanca Conference in Morocco, where Churchill met with then US President Franklin Roosevelt.

It's unclear why the Hollywood star is selling the piece now, but it definitely isn't a sign of good relations between the two.

Angelina has been locked into an increasingly bitter and messy custody battle with Brad for the past four years.

Cover photo: IMAGO / PA Images

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