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What has Brad Pitt been up to recently?
What has Brad Pitt been up to recently?  © imago images / ZUMA Wire

Brad Pitt is one of most famous, and one of the best actors in Hollywood. TAG24 is here to keep you stay up to date on Pitt's most recent movies, rewards, controversies, gossip, and scandal.

Formerly married to Angelina Jolie, it hasn't always been smooth sailing for Brad Pitt. From health issues to the latest on his relationship with Jolie, not everything is sunshine and honey. With that in mind, TAG24 has the latest Brad Pitt News and gossip, focusing not only just on his acting career, but on his personal life as well.

What movies has Brad Pitt been in recently, and are they any good? Has he been in another Fight Club-level masterpiece, or is it the B-Movie train for him? How much money did this A-lister pull in for his latest film? All these questions and more are answered right here.

TAG24 is here with all the latest Brad Pitt News, as well as to answer many of your more poignant questions. Who is Pitt dating nowadays, what's going on in his personal life, what movies can we expect from him in the future? Everything about Brad Pitt can be found right now.

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