Harry Styles hangs out at fan's place and feeds her fish after car mishap

London, UK - Imagine your favorite pop idol casually shows up at your house, feeds your fish, and signs your posters. For a Harry Styles fan, this dream became reality – but she wasn't at home to experience it!

Harry Styles is unstoppable and his fans can only agree.
Harry Styles is unstoppable and his fans can only agree.  © Isabel Infantes/PA Wire/dpa

When Harry's car broke down, a kind local was quick to help him out, allowing him into a friend's home and making him a cup of tea. 

The heartthrob then noticed that the homeowner's absent daughter was a passionate fan – and he couldn't just leave without showing his gratitude. 

Photos that have gone viral on Twitter show the British singer taking care of 13-year-old Theadora's fish. 

"Just came home and found out who was house sitting…" the delighted teen wrote in her Instagram post, which featured photos of Harry sprinkling fish food into the tank. 

Harry Styles takes care of his fans… and their pets

Harry Styles always treats his fans with kindness.
Harry Styles always treats his fans with kindness.  © David Mirzoeff/PA Wire/dpa

Harry also made sure to leave an adorable note, explaining to his fan what had happened. "Your dad's friend kindly let me wait at your house with a cup of tea. I'm devastated that we missed each other. Looking forward to meeting you soon. Treat people with kindness," he wrote, proving once again that he really lives by that mantra.

"P.S. I fed the fish," he added. 

The pop star seems to have a thing for sea life – in the music video for his hit song Adore You,  a fish stars in a lead role alongside him.

Harry also signed the teenager's copy of his album Fine Line – he also hilariously drew a mask on his own likeness. 

Not many people can claim that their favorite singer had a cup of tea in their house and fed their fish. Even if Theadora missed out on meeting her idol in person, she's still got a claim to fame.

Cover photo: Isabel Infantes/PA Wire/dpa , Screenshot Twitter Rachel

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