Music release radar: Albums and songs dropping the week of January 30

It's a new week in music, and the album and single releases coming your way pack quite the diverse musical punch with artists like Ghostface Killah, Shania Twain, RAYE, Betty Who, Owl City, Anne-Marie, Mike Posner, Afroman, and more set to drop new music. Check out the music releases on TAG24's radar for the week of January 30.

Shania Twain (l) and Betty Who are both releasing new music this week.
Shania Twain (l) and Betty Who are both releasing new music this week.  © Collage: Screenshot/Instagram/shaniatwain & bettywho

It hardly matters what your genre of choice is when it comes to music this week, as there's probably a release with your name on it.

There's a slew of artists in various genres who are set to drop new albums or songs for you to catch a vibe to.

From Ghostface Killah and Afroman to Rose Gray, Shania Twain, MOD SUN, Ellie Goulding, Betty Who, NERIAH, Saleka, and more, there's bound to be a single or album release up your alley.

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Kim Kardashian Paris Hilton reveals the very Kim Kardashian gift the Kar-Jenners bought her newborn son!

With so much new music coming out on a rolling basis, it's easy to lose track of what's dropping and when.

Check out the album and single release dates on our radar this week.

Albums: Ghostface Killah, Afroman, Rose Gray, Shania Twain, RAYE, Lauren Cimorelli, and MOD SUN

RAYE (l) and MOD SUN are dropping new albums this week.
RAYE (l) and MOD SUN are dropping new albums this week.  © Collage: Screenshot/Instagram/raye & modsun
  • Ghostface Killah - Ghostface Stem Player

Ghostface Killah took a page out of Kanye "Ye" West's book with his album that dropped on Tuesday. Like West did with Donda in August 2021, Ghostface's album will be first available to stream by those who purchased the Ghostface Stem Player for roughly $240.

  • Afroman - Famous Player
Billie Eilish has made her acting debut and the reviews are in!
Billie Eilish Billie Eilish has made her acting debut and the reviews are in!

On Wednesday, Afroman is rumored to be kicking off the first day of February with a new EP called Famous Player. The project was produced by Kevin W. Gates.

  • Rose Gray - Higher Than The Sun

Dance-pop star Rose Gray is set to release her second EP Higher Than The Sun on Wednesday. The project will include Gray's previously released song Sun Comes Up, which she described as "a moment in time where I felt very lost and in my sad gurl era."

  • Shania Twain - Queen of Me

Shania Twain is slated to release her sixth studio album titled Queen of Me on Friday. The feel-good album will serve as Twain's first since the 2017 release of Now, and is set to include the recently released song Giddy Up!

  • RAYE - My 21st Century Blues

On Friday, British singer-songwriter RAYE is expected to release her debut album, My 21st Century Blues. After ditching her label Polydor in 2021, the 25-year-old independent artist found her way to the top of the UK's music charts with the song Escapism. Speaking of My 21st Century Blues, RAYE told Sky News, "The album is discussing a lot of different topics... the deepest depths of really ugly stories about assaults and body dysmorphia and environmental anxiety."

  • Lauren Cimorelli - Please Stop Breaking My Heart

Lauren Cimorelli is set to drop a 10-track album called Please Stop Breaking My Heart on Friday. The record will include the previously released songs Mustang, I Hate All Your Friends, and R.I.P.

  • MOD SUN - God Save The Teen

On Friday, punk rocker MOD SUN is slated to release his new album God Save The Teen via Big Noise. When he announced the record on Instagram in November 2022, MOD SUN said the album contains "the best music I've ever made."

The album will contain the song Wolves, which MOD has teased fans with on social media.

Songs: NERIAH, Ellie Goulding, Betty Who, Anna Shoemaker, Anne-Marie, Mike Posner, Owl City, and Saleka

Anna Shoemaker is releasing a new single on Wednesday.
Anna Shoemaker is releasing a new single on Wednesday.  © Screenshot/Instagram/annashoemaker_

In addition to full-on album releases, several artists are releasing songs this week that will surely be worth a listen.

On Monday, NERIAH released her new single, FALLING 4 SOMEBODY. On Wednesday, Ellie Goulding is set to stun fans with the release of Like A Saviour, a song off her forthcoming album that was originally supposed to drop this week but had to be pushed back due to some behind-the-scenes excitement.

Also due on Wednesday is a new bop by Anna Shoemaker called Holly. Music lovers' excitement is bound to hit new levels on Friday when Betty Who releases a dance remix to Kate Bush's viral hit Running Up That Hill.

Anne-Marie is also set to release her highly anticipated single, Sad B!tch, on Friday. Mike Posner is also making his grand return to the world of music alongside salem ilese with their new collab Howling at the Moon set to drop on Friday.

Owl City is also expected to release a new song called Adam, Check Please on Friday, as is Saleka with her new song All I Want for the AppleTV show, Servant.

What release are you looking forward to most this week? Let us know on Insta!

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshot/Instagram/shaniatwain & bettywho

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