Khloé Kardashian has a close encounter of the third kind while hunting for UFOs

Calabasas, California – Khloé Kardashian has always been a noted alien enthusiast – so it came as no surprise see her trying to make contact with an unidentified flying object on Thursday's Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Khloé Kardashian is on a mission to prove UFOs are real once and for all.
Khloé Kardashian is on a mission to prove UFOs are real once and for all.  © Screenshot / Instagram / khloekardashian

When Kris Jenner (65) shared her own encounter with what she believed to be a UFO, Khloé had only one thing in mind – making some type of contact of her own.

Before embarking on her mission to connect with aliens, she got some tips and insights from a UFO specialist on how to send out signals to initiate contact and when to be on the lookout.

In the beginning, Tristan Thompson wasn't entirely on board with Khloé's beliefs. He's a "proof" kind of guy, and needs to see evidence before he can believe in something. Despite all this, he decided to follow along just to make her happy.

Once the sun went down, Khloé and her NBA beau headed down the yard to the family's Malibu vacation home with lasers, flashlights, as well as Khloé's space-inspired unitard and six-inch stilettos.

Understandably regretting her choice of outfit as she struggled to make it down the steps, Khloé asked to hold on to Thompson's arm so she didn't go tumbling down, to which he replied that she could hold onto him "forever." It was a genuinely touching moment between the two lovebirds.

After lighting up the sky with their lasers and lights, Tristan passed out while Khloé kept an eye out for signs from another world.

No proof, no truth

Out of the darkness, the 36-year-old saw two glowing lights that flashed at her, causing her to lose her mind, slapping Tristan to wake up and get evidence.

"My heart is racing," Khloé said breathlessly, seeking validation from Tristan that she wasn't the only one who saw it. He was equally freaked out and confirmed that he did, in fact, see the lights, too.

That was all the contact the pair could mentally handle that night as they ran inside. But since there was no proof of this close encounter of the third kind, Kris, Kourtney, and Kim Kardashian didn't believe the UFO sighting story for a single second.

If nothing else, the whole incident proved how close Khloé and Tristan are right now. They might have had a rocky relationship in the past, but she confirmed the two were an item with a heartfelt birthday post for him on Instagram.

Lately, she's even been sporting a giant diamond on her ring finger. She has yet to comment on whether it's an engagement ring or just a flashy piece of jewlery.

Cover photo: Screenshot / Instagram / khloekardashian

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