Britain's most-tattooed mom barred from mother's funeral due to extreme ink

Kidderminster, United Kingdom - Melissa Sloan has been addicted to tattoos for years and is outspoken about the consequences. Now, she has found herself barred from her own mother's funeral.

Missy has been banned from her mom's funeral due to her extreme tattoos.
Missy has been banned from her mom's funeral due to her extreme tattoos.  © Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@melissa.sloan.357284

After years of inking on a near-daily basis, covering herself in hundreds of professional and amateur tattoos, Melissa Sloan is rightfully now known as the self-proclaimed "most-tattooed mom" in Britain.

As a mother of seven children, though, Melissa (who prefers to go by Missy) has found herself banned from all sorts of events due to her extreme and unusual look.

Just last year, Missy found herself unable to attend her children's school events, including their Christmas nativity, banned from local tattoo parlors, and now barred from even going to her mother's funeral.

Melissa Sloan says she was shunned from her mother's funeral

Missy has missed out on a lot due to her extreme tattoos, including not only friendships and weddings but also the company of her children. The loss even has her considering quitting the ink before her eighth child comes along.

It hasn't been easy, though, and she has found herself alone and without friends for many years. She even said, "I've got no friends... I only had one best friend, and that was when I was at school," the Daily Star reports.

"They think I've got a screw loose, don't they? I mean, no one in their right mind would have all these tattoos, would they? That's why I've never been invited to a wedding."

Sloan also blames her tattoos and people's prejudices for her having been shunned from both her mother's funeral and wake. She does, however, think that her mom would be proud of her nevertheless.

"I wasn't even allowed to go to my mom's funeral because of the way I look... They didn't want me there... I should have just turned up..."

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@melissa.sloan.357284

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