Tattoo-obsessed Remy reveals radical below-the-belt body mods

Lethbridge, Canada - Famous for his intricate bodysuit tattoos and numerous piercings and body mods, Remy has always been open about his transformation. Now, he has shared something more private.

Tattoo and body mod enthusiast Remy has multiple genital piercings.
Tattoo and body mod enthusiast Remy has multiple genital piercings.  © Collage: Screenshots/TikTok/Instagram/@ephemeral_remy

Canadian dad Remy is known for being honest with his fans about his body transformation journey. His candor has earned him tens of thousands of followers on both his Instagram and TikTok channels, where he goes as @ephemeral_remy.

Only recently, the avid body modifier revealed a tattoo he got in tribute to his late father, how he looked before ink, and his quest to prove you can tattoo over black.

Now, he's revealed something quite different.

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In a clip posted to TikTok earlier this week, Remy responded to a fan question by revealing that he has multiple piercings in his crotch.

Remy reveals extent of extreme body modifications

Remy explained that he has had several pieces of below-the-belt work done, including some he describes as the most painful he has ever gotten.

"Yeah, I have some below-the-belt work done, I've had that done now for a very long time," he responded to the fan inquiry. "I talked about this in a video that went fairly viral a couple of years ago – my double dydoe piercings."

Dydoe piercings are a genital piercing that is placed through the ridge at the head of the penis. They look somewhat like stud earrings, just on the tip of someone's genitals.

"I still believe [double dydoe piercings] were the most painful things I have ever had done, personally."

"Some tough guys came in and talked about how 'those don't hurt that much,' but they do hurt that much. Those guys were either full-blown liars or in some form of denial. Getting below-the-belt piercings is never pleasant, and some of them are downright terrible."

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshots/TikTok/Instagram/@ephemeral_remy

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