"Caveman" trapped in block of ice stuns park visitors

Minneapolis, Minnesota - Hikers in Minneapolis are in for a chilling surprise.

Who or what is that weird creature frozen in the snow?
Who or what is that weird creature frozen in the snow?  © Instagram/Screenshot/zachschumack

Locals were shocked when they came across a mysterious ice block in Minneapolis' Theodore Wirth Park a few days ago.

Initially, the figure looked like a man frozen in ice.

Upon closer examination, they found that what appeared to be a frozen caveman was actually a sculpture encased in plastic resembling frozen ice.

Zach Schumack then came forward as the artist behind the caveman, named Zug Zug. He explained that he initially designed his caveman for an advertising industry event hosted by local ad agency Hunter Adkins.

But the piece was on display only for the night of the event. Ever since, it’s been sitting in his garage.

"Every day I would go to my garage and see this thing looking at me," Schumack told Fox 9.

Zach Schumack didn't get the park's approval

The "caveman" makes for a chilly surprise in the dark.
The "caveman" makes for a chilly surprise in the dark.  © Instagram/Screenshot/zachschumack

"It seemed like such a shame that this piece of art was just sitting there," he explained.

Schumack said he aimed to give people something to talk about. He was hoping that the bizarre sight might encourage people to get outside and visit the city's parks and nature trails.

"I really like that it’s getting some attention because it’s getting people to get away from their TVs and computer screens," Schumack told the TV station.

However, the artist didn't get permission from the authorities. Schumack had simply placed his "caveman" in the park and waited for reactions.

As word of the strange ice block spread around, authorities didn't react with disdain. On the contrary, they were happy more people were visiting the park and said the sculpture may stay out on the trail until the snow melts.

Zach Schumack has since announced that another sculpture could soon appear at another location. Hikers, watch out!

Cover photo: Instagram/Screenshot/zachschumack

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