Legs for days: Texas girl breaks record for longest limbs

Cedar Park, Texas - Does this 17-year-old really have legs for days or is this a Photoshop trick? No one can be this lanky, right? The woman with the longest legs in the world can be!

Maci Currin (17) on her Instagram profile.
Maci Currin (17) on her Instagram profile.  © Instagram/Screenshot/_maci.currin_

The Guinness Book of Records announced on Tuesday that Maci Currin from Cedar Park, Texas, officially holds the record for the longest (female) legs in the world.

Her left leg is 53.255 inches long and her right leg is 52.874 inches. She took the record from the Russian model Ekaterina Lisina (32), who's legs are 52.36 inches long.

Maci is only 17, so the Texan could still be growing. Maybe she will beat her own record next year. 

She told the Guinness Book of Records that she hoped to inspire tall people to "embrace" their height. She measures 6 feet and 10 inches herself and her legs make up 60% of that. 

Currin wants people to embrace their height because she knows it can be difficult to fit in. She often has difficulties getting through doors or into cars, and even clothing can be a challenge. But in volleyball, her favorite sport, she has a definite  advantage.

Maci Currin wants to break other records

Maci Currin (17) wants more: to become a model.
Maci Currin (17) wants more: to become a model.  © Instagram/Screenshot/_maci.currin_

A spokesperson for the Guinness Book of Records told the Daily Mail that "Maci’s family, from Cedar Park, Texas, are relatively tall but none of her other siblings or parents quite match her height."

Even though the teenager has really long legs, she is not the tallest woman in the world. That record belongs to Sun Fang (33) from China. Sun is 7 foot 3 inches tall, that makes Maci about five inches shorter.

Maci insists that anyone who dreams about breaking a record should keep at it and not give up. 

In the future, Maci said she hopes to study in the UK and become the tallest female model. Ironically, this record is held by the same woman that Maci jusr surpassed: Ekaterina Lisina. Ekaterina is 6 foot 8.77 inches tall.

This tall young woman definitely isn't thinking small. She wants another world record.

Cover photo: YouTube/Screenshot/Guinness World Records/Instagram/Screenshot/_maci.currin_

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