Is this the weirdest McDonald's order ever?

Toronto, Canada - One hamburger please, hold the... everything. 

Joy about this bon from Mc Donald's.
Joy about this bon from Mc Donald's.  © Instagram/Screenshot/jodypooole

Over the weekend, Kate Poole from Toronto had few too many with her husband Jody. Fast food is always a handy remedy for a raging hangover, so she decided a burger would do the trick.

Since leaving the house wasn't an option, Kate used Uber Eats to place an order with McDonald's – an extremely specific order.

According to Jody, whose Instagram post made the story go viral, his wife has always been pretty picky and will always "modifications to a classic". But that doesn't even begin to describe her instructions for a simple hamburger.

A photo of the receipt shows what was probably the weirdest order the McDonald's employees had ever seen: a burger with NO bun, NO mustard, NO onions, NO pickles, and NO meat!

McDonald's will handle the order professionally

Mc Donald's was not too bad for this order either (symbol picture).
Mc Donald's was not too bad for this order either (symbol picture).  © 123RF/rumandawi

This all begs the question of what exactly Kate ended up getting. 

Since both the restaurant and the delivery service were consummate professionals in doing their job, the answer can be found in Jody's photo: two packets of ketchup.

It didn't take long for this bizarre hangover craving to spread all over the internet and local media, to the delight of Jody Poole.

Readers and Instagram users found the whole thing hilarious.

Kate also specified that, despite receiving only two packets of ketchup, she was still charged the full price of the burger.

Cover photo: 123RF/rumandawi/Instagram/Screenshot/jodypooole

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