This Elf on the Shelf is spending quarantine in a condom

Shrewsbury, United Kingdom - This mother was desperate to have a quarantine Elf on the Shelf this year. She also wanted to save as much money as possible, so she made her own display – with some unique supplies.

Sapphire Grimes-Williams (24) wrapped the gift for her daughter in a condom.
Sapphire Grimes-Williams (24) wrapped the gift for her daughter in a condom.  ©

Christmas is just around the corner. Sapphire Grimes-Williams (24) from Shrewsbury, England, wanted to surprise her five-year-old daughter Ayla with a special gift this year.

A few days ago, she came across an Elf on the Shelf in quarantine and loved the idea. She wanted to cut down on costs, so she decided to get creative.

Her first thought was to build one herself with a balloon, but as the young mother told Metro, she couldn't find a proper one for her surprise. The 24-year-old looked around in her house for an alternative and soon found a pretty unique one: a condom.

She placed the small elf toy inside and filled the contraceptive with glitter so that its original purpose was no longer recognizable.

DIY Elf on the Shelf goes viral

Daughter Ayla (5) was thrilled.
Daughter Ayla (5) was thrilled.  ©

Now, all Grimes-Williams had to do was place the gift next to the tree for her daughter to wake up to the next day.

Then the family would have to wait for two weeks before popping the balloon – even elves have to spend some time in coronavirus quarantine!

Five-year-old Ayla was thrilled when she discovered her mother's craft.

"I put it down in the evening and she woke up to it in the morning, and all I heard from her was: 'Mummy come here now,'" the British woman recalled.

And it wasn't just the little girl who loved this special idea!

"I didn't really think of it being a funny idea but I sent it to my sister and she said: 'Sapphire, that's absolutely amazing.'"

The internet is equally amazed by this simple but effective condom-based trick! "I'm a bit overwhelmed by the attention I got. I wasn’t expecting it at all."

Some of her followers were curious whether the special packaging was still sticky from lubricant, but Grimes-Williams reassured them: she had rinsed the condom out properly beforehand.

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