Arnold Schwarzenegger sets outrageous and bizarre new world record

Santa Fe Springs, California - Arnold Schwarzenegger has a brand-new action figure to his name, and it's insanely huge. So big, in fact, that it has actually managed to claim itself a world record.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been turned into a world record-breaking action figure.
Arnold Schwarzenegger has been turned into a world record-breaking action figure.  © Ivan Apfel/GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA/Getty Images via AFP

No matter what your opinion on action figures might be or how you feel about Arnold Schwarzenegger, the new world record-breaking action figure in Santa Fe Springs is insanely impressive in its size and scale.

You've gotta love those enormous ripped muscles and tight pants – after all, what more could you want out of an oversized children's toy?

What is the world's largest action figure?

While Arnold Schwarzenegger himself hasn't made a new world record, his likeness certainly has – the world's biggest action figure is a record held by a new 22-foot-tall action figure in Santa Fe Springs, California. It's an extraordinarily huge action figure, with big bulging muscles and incredibly (and appropriately) tight pants.

The action figure itself is precisely 22 feet and 1.68 inches tall, making it taller than your typical giraffe and, well and truly, bigger than the man himself. Specifically, it is a figure of Luke Brunner, Arnold Schwarzenegger's character in the 2023 Netflix comedy show FUBAR, which stars Monica Barbaro, Travis Van Winkle, Aparna Brielle, and, of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnie's latest achievement was awarded to him by Guinness World Records on May 27, 2024, after the figure was returned to Los Angeles after being featured as a piece of promotional material in Vienna, Austria. It even features rotating arms!

While he likely didn't have much to do with it himself, you've got to give it to Arnold: he's committed to entertaining us even when he's not featuring in a film or working as the governor of California!

Why did Arnold Schwarzenegger become the biggest ever action figure?

Arnold Schwarzenegger's exceedingly ridiculous and insanely massive action figure is made out of plastic, foam, and metal. Its front half was made first and featured in a billboard before being completed so that it could stand on its own and function as a proper – or obnoxiously huge – toy.

Mini versions of the action figure have been made available for sale, with a promotional campaign featuring not only the massive action figure but Arnold himself and the mini normal-sized action figure as well. Some might even call it Arnie-cubed!

Of course, Arnold is no stranger to world records, either. The superstar and ex-politician was awarded the record for most films made by a bodybuilder in 2019, with a whopping 47 under his belt. He was also the youngest Olympia winner in 1970, at only 23 years old. There are more, as well!

At more than 22 feet tall, this is one action figure that you won't be able to keep in your childhood bedroom and certainly not hide under your bed. That being said, it's still quite an impressive collectible!

Cover photo: Ivan Apfel/GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA/Getty Images via AFP

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