This man DJed for 10 days straight!

Saluzzo, Italy - DJ Faber Moreira is more than just a quality DJ; he's someone who'll go down in the history books! How did he achieve the longest marathon club DJing session, and why?

DJs don't usually work for 10 days straight – that's a bit extreme!
DJs don't usually work for 10 days straight – that's a bit extreme!  © Unsplash/Matty Adame

A good DJ set can transport you to an entirely different place. Surrounded by your friends and under the influence of a good number of drinks, this place will pull you up above the crowd and fill you with pride, happiness, and excitement.

Yet, sadly, it will eventually have to end. With this extraordinary world record, though, DJ Faber Moreira tried to push the latter to its limit.

This was the world's longest DJ session!

The world record for the longest marathon club DJing was awarded to Faber Moreira after spending ten days and four hours continuously clubbing. It was a remarkable achievement, seeing him sleep very minimal amounts of time and beating his predecessor, Polish DJ Norberto Loco, by 200 hours. How he did this, quite honestly, is beyond us.

As DJ Faber started the DJ up at a club in the town of Saluzzo in Italy, few would have expected that he wouldn't stop partying until the early hours of the 26th. Yet, nearly a month after he began the attempt, Moreira is now officially a Guinness World Record holder, making history in the most extraordinary of circumstances.

More than 59 years old, you wouldn't expect such an extraordinary record if you ever met DJ Faber, a graying man with a penchant for bucket hats. Yet, this remarkable record holder began his career as a DJ as far back as 1983, when he was just 17 years old, in the clubs of northern Italy.

Over the years, he used his awesome vinyl record collection to develop a unique and incredibly fun set of fun music and disco tunes, and eventually shifted into house music. He followed this very trajectory while performing the world record attempt, which he described as "a great thrill to mix so much music."

"Being number one in the world is a great satisfaction, especially at my age," Faber Moreira told Guinness World Records after being presented with his certificate. "I want to thank everyone. Without their support, it would have been impossible to reach the finish line."

How did he DJ for 10 days straight?

It was not easy for DJ Faber to continue for 244 hours and two minutes, but he managed through a combination of stamina and very specific world record rules. As he began, he felt "full of adrenaline," which kept him up for the first few days. By the fifth day, though, he was feeling the sleep deprivation and started going through "crazy sleep crises."

Before he began the record attempt, the stage had to be set up with everything that he would need to survive the ten days. That meant food, plenty of water, a bed for sleeping in, and all of his DJing equipment. The DJing had to be done continuously, and there always had to be a minimum of ten dancers vibing to his set at any one time.

As per the rules set out by Guinness World Records, DJ Faber was allowed five minutes of rest per every hour that he played, which adds up to two hours of sleep a day. While that might sound like something to look forward to, due to it being so little, he opted to take those two hours in 15-minute naps to avoid the REM phase of sleep and make it easier for him to keep going.

In addition, he did not drink any coffee, smoke any cigarettes, or take any stimulants. To silence any people who would suggest otherwise, he specifically took an anti-doping test to prove he was sober throughout the record attempt.

No matter what precautions and how much preparation and training he had done for the attempt, it still took its toll, as he told Guinness World Records: "Sometimes I almost fell asleep on the mixer... I was constantly warned by the witnesses who had a little bell which they used as soon as they saw my eyes close – I hated this noise."

"I broke this record to challenge myself and prove my physical endurance. But mostly out of passion – mixing is my life."

There are few DJs out there with the stamina to continue partying not only all night, but for ten days straight. It's a remarkable achievement, and something that Moreira is likely to never repeat!

Cover photo: Unsplash/Matty Adame

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