Who is the oldest water skier in the world?

Salt Lake City, Utah - Skimming lightly upon the waves, someone Dwan Jacobsen Young's age would not normally be expected to do any challenging physical activities, far less become the world's oldest water skier!

Waterskiing can be a demanding sport, so doing it in your 90s like Dwan Jacobsen Young is a real feat!
Waterskiing can be a demanding sport, so doing it in your 90s like Dwan Jacobsen Young is a real feat!  © Collage: YouTube/Guinness World Records

Having water-skied for more than half a century, Dwan Jacobsen Young isn't going to let old age and a frail frame stop her from doing what she loves.

While things might get harder with age, they don't necessarily become impossible, and this extraordinary story and woman is proof that this has never been more true.

So, who is Dwan Jacobsen Young, and how did she come to be the world record holder for oldest water skier in the world?

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Let's take a look at her story!

Who's the world's oldest water skier?

Dwan Jacobsen Young is the oldest water skier in the world, at a whopping 92 years of age. Having lived a lifetime of water adventures, Dwan doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon either, with regular waterskiing being a feature of her family's summer holidays each and every year.

Of course, her agility isn't quite what it used to be and, as a result, she has to take some precautions when going out for a ski. When the water is too rough, Dwan avoids going out on the waterskis because the choppiness can pose various dangers that are more acute at her age than when she was younger.

She pays close and strict attention to what she's doing, making checks whenever she turns or crosses the wake of the boat pulling her along. Of course, she's always surrounded by friends and family who make sure to look after her and keep her safe when she's out on the water.

What she wasn't expecting, however, was to be awarded a Guinness World Record. Dwan said that she found out at a Christmas party.

"Up on the screen came a video of me skiing this summer," she explained to Guinness World Records, revealing that her granddaughter went on to present her with an official plaque. "I could not believe it. I still cannot believe it. What a surprise and what an honor."

How did Dwan Jacobsen Young become the oldest waterskier in the world?

Dwan was only 29 years old when she purchased a summer cabin on Bear Lake, Utah, in 1961. Having watched people waterskiing on the lake during her holidays there, she decided to give it a go, and the rest is history. Nowadays, she skis with not only her children, but her grandchildren and great-grandchildren as well, four generations of water skiers all celebrating her extraordinary story.

Yet, she's not without regrets and wishes. Dwan still washes that she could snow ski, or would have done so in the past when her body was a bit stronger. She never learned properly and, as a result, was never "good enough" to snow ski. Still, the 92-year-old is very well aware of how lucky she is to be as fit as she is at her age.

She wants more people to try out waterskiing and to, in general, always try to learn new things even when you are older. For now, she's going to try and stay as healthy as she can and get to next summer in good enough health that she can waterski once more.

"I am very fortunate to have good health which allows me to enjoy life to its fullest," she said. "Do not be afraid to try a new sport when you are older... You are more capable than you think."

At 92, the world's oldest waterskier is not ready to stop any time soon!

Having retained her waterskiing abilities for far longer than any would have expected, it doesn't look like Dwan Jacobsen Young will be slowing time anytime soon. For her, this sport is the perfect way to bond and spend time with her entire family, while being out in nature staying fit, strong, and healthy.

Long may she continue!

Cover photo: Collage: YouTube/Guinness World Records

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