This dog has the longest tail in the world

Westerlo, Belgium - Few dogs have a long and glorious tail, that's more the realm of cats. But there are always exceptions to the rule. In this case, the exception is a doggo who's tail is so long that it's worthy of a record.

Different dog breeds will have tails of different lengths.
Different dog breeds will have tails of different lengths.  © Unsplash/Hermes Rivera

There are some pretty impressive pooches in the world, covered in soft fluff and good vibes. But few have tails as vast and impressive as Keon, a dog well worth his weight in gold and more than capable of impressing all those who see him.

But what's the point of such a long tail, and doesn't it get in the way?

We're diving into it all: Who is Keon, and how did he manage to score the animal world record for longest dog tail ever? What is there to know about the tail itself - and just how long is the world's longest dog tail?

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Let's find out!

Who has the longest dog tail in the world?

An Irish wolfhound from Belgium named Keon is credited as having the longest dog tail in the world, at 30.2 inches. Having become a Guinness World Record holder in 2017, Keon's extraordinary tail is not only long, but covered in beautiful fluffy white fur that fits his scruffy and unkept vibe.

To achieve the record, Keon had to be examined by a veterinarian, who took a measurement that went directly from the base of his tail to the bone at its tip. Importantly, the length of Keon's hair could not be included in the measurement, so his tail is actually a little bit longer in total than the record itself suggests.

An adorable woofer who hails from the municipality of Westerlo in Belgium, close to Antwerp, Keon's namesake comes more from his breed than his humans. As an Irish wolfhound, Keon's owner Ilsa Loodts and her family decided to give him a name that means "courageous warrior" in Ireland.

Ironically, Keon's dad noted that despite his name, the pup is a gentle one: "Keon is a brave dog, but he is no warrior."

Speaking more to Guinness World Records about her gorgeous doggo, Ilsa Loodts showed pictures of Keon as a puppy and described how quickly he had grown. "Now he has a very, very long tail," she said.

"Keon is a very nice dog, he's very easy to take care of, and he's a gentle giant," she added.

Who has the longest cat tail in the world?

Not every dog tail is created equal, neither in length nor breadth.
Not every dog tail is created equal, neither in length nor breadth.  © Unsplash/Mike Cox

At 30.2 inches, Keon's impressive tail is almost double the length of his feline counterpart.

Altair Cygnus Powers has the longest cat tail in the world, with a posterior that reaches back about 16 inches from base to end. He set the Guinness World Record for longest tail of a living domestic cat in October 2021, an award which excluded all non-domesticated cats.

While dogs don't usually have nearly as long a tail in comparison with their body size as the average feline, due to their general size being bigger, it is no surprise Keon has managed to beat even the fluffiest furry feline friend out there.

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Keon's record-breaking tail managed to out-lengthen the previous record holder by more than 1.7 inches, too. With such a big difference between the two tails, you have to hand it to this hugely huggable hound.

What is the point of a long dog tail?

The primary purpose of a dog's tail is to aid in its balance, whip away flies and other insects, and reduce the odor that wafts from a dog's often-stinky behind. All this being said, though, the length of a dog's tail will not usually impact any of these factors, and is generally not particularly important.

While an overly short tail may make it a bit harder for your dog to achieve these goals, an overly long tail will likely not make much of a difference. A very long tail will neither make things easier nor harder for your darling doggo, so try not to worry! It also looks like Keon may have this record locked down for a while to come.

Cover photo: Unsplash/Hermes Rivera

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