Cat learns a new trick and her owner comes home to a wet disaster

Hull, UK - This cat is too smart for her owner's own good. She taught itself two cute tricks, but all the fun and games ended up flooding the house.

This cat figured out how to use the tap and plug the drain.
This cat figured out how to use the tap and plug the drain.  ©

Pets can be cute but sometimes they're also very costly.

No one knows this better than Jasmin Stork, who owns a Bengal cat named Amber.

When "mom" went out, the little fur ball decided to play with her new favorite "toy" – the bathroom sink. She taught herself to turn on the water and close the drain. 

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So while her owner was gone for half an hour, Amber turned on the water. But it seems like she never quite figured out how to turn it off again, because the water just ran and ran until it started spilling out of the sink.

In an interview with Ladbible, Stork shared what happened when she came home after running out to pick up lunch: "I was about 30 minutes, and on the phone to my mum as I got back home, who I am sure could no doubt hear the horror in my voice when I opened the front door to my living room pouring with water."

The British woman quickly realized that there was only one culprit who could have left the water on: Amber. "I knew as soon as I walked into the living room what had happened. I ran upstairs and the tap was on full and water was overflowing the sink. It was everywhere."

Amber floods the apartment and becomes an internet sensation

This cat loves to play with water and is simply too smart for its own good.
This cat loves to play with water and is simply too smart for its own good.  ©

Luckily, the damage was limited to the bathroom, hallway, and the living room below. If Stork had been gone for longer, who knows how much damage this cat-astrophe could have caused.

As it is, the repairs will cost thousands of British pounds. 

But fortunately, the ceiling withstood the felines water games, otherwise Stork might have had to stay in a hotel for a while.

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The furtive feline had absolutely no regrets over the whole incident: "Amber thought it was great. She was sat in the kitchen doorway into the living room, tapping her paws away in the water merrily like it was great fun. No remorse whatsoever."

Stork has since made a video showing the lead up to the disaster. It includes a demonstration of Amber's crafty skills and the shocking aftermath of the flooding, with streams of water raining down on the living room. 

With over 140,000 views on TikTok, at least Stork got a viral video out of this whole mess.

Hopefully Amber won't teach herself any other tricks, otherwise Jennifer will never be able to leave her feline friend home alone again.

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