Pupper co-pilots chopper: the internet can't get enough of this high-flying dog!

Vancouver, Canada - Have you ever wondered what it would look like if a dog could fly a chopper? Even if you haven't, there's a canine co-pilot in Canada captivating the internet.

Mr. Bentley and his owner, Bradley Friesen, like flying together (collage).
Mr. Bentley and his owner, Bradley Friesen, like flying together (collage).  © Did you know dogs can fly helicopters too?

The dog wears a headset and sits in the front seat of a helicopter, soaring over snow-covered mountains.

The pictures are so amazing, it's hard to believe they're real – but they are!

Mister Bentley is probably the first dog co-pilot. His owner, helicopter pilot and aerial photographer Bradley Friesen, is clearly proud of the bulldog's skills.

Bradley takes Mister Bentley on a lot of flights and shares pictures of their adventures on Instagram.

Even though it might look like the dog is doing the flying, viewers needn't worry. The dog isn't in the pilot's seat. He's riding shotgun. According to an Instagram description, co-pilot Mister Bentley's duties include the following: "sit there," "be a good boy," and "Pound It."

Thousands are fascinated by Mister Bentley's ability to remain calm during aviation adventures.

Mister Bentley: canine co-pilot

Videos prove the dog likes flying

Mr. Bentley has thousands of fans on social media

Mister Bentley knows how to have a good time (collage).
Mister Bentley knows how to have a good time (collage).  © Collage: Instagram/mrbentley_thedog

The dog and his owner from Vancouver are always up for a good time, and they know that sharing pictures of their road trips or funny costumes delights their fans.

Mister Bentley has over 400,000 followers on Instagram alone.

On TikTok, the animal star regularly makes people's days with sweet videos of his adventures.

But Mister Bentley doesn't just have fans online. He also gets along with pretty much everyone offline: even cats. In fact, the bulldog has a Scottish fold cat for a little brother. The feline's name is Sir William Wallace, and he also has an Instagram account.

Unlike Bentley, Sir Wallace hasn't been flying with Bradley Friesen, but then again, there's only enough space for one co-pilot in the chopper.

Cover photo: Collage: Instagram/mrbentley_thedog

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