Talk about puppy dog eyes! Why is this poor pooch so sad?

Internet - Could you ever say no to that look heart-breaking look?

She just really wants to play with her puppies.
She just really wants to play with her puppies.  ©

TikTok user sherinicole455 shared a clip of her pooch at the start of the year and it immediately went viral.

In it, the dog is standing in front of her whelping box. There are eight plump puppies snoozing in various adorable positions and a green ball inside.

Sheri asks her pooch, "Did you want them to play?" The dog just looks at her owner and then back at the puppies that are more interested in napping than hanging out with their mom or playing with her favorite toy. All the while, she has the most achingly sad look on her face.

"Honey they're not being enough yet" Sheri tries to console her, but only gets those googly eyes staring at her questioningly in response.

The soothing continues: "They'll play with you soon." Sheri then puts her pet's probable thoughts into words: "She's like no right now. She's like, 'Why do I have eight children if they can't even play with me?"

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These pups aren't interested in their mom's favorite toy.
These pups aren't interested in their mom's favorite toy.  ©

With over 30 million views and more than six million likes, it's safe to say that people were just as touched about the dog's look as Cheri was.

In the comments, users can't stop talking about her disappointed look: "Omg melt my heart."

Many sympathized with the four-legged mom. One wrote "She'e sitting there like 'its not fair I birthed them they're supposed to be my friends now.'"

Another user is convinced she is worried about her little ones "Look at her eyes, she's so concerned for them."

But it's not just that devastating look that won over TikTok user's hearts. They also love the puppies, especially little Nellie, who's lying on her back.

Sheri assured everyone that she took the mama dog outside to play with the ball after she shot the clip. "She still brought the ball back to the puppies to play."

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