Traumatized dog cowers behind dumpster when her rescuer shows up

Ierapetra, Greece - What happened to this poor dog? A wounded was scared out of her wits when Greek shelter owner Takis came to rescue her.

Scared for her life: the stray dog simply wanted to disappear when her rescuer showed up.
Scared for her life: the stray dog simply wanted to disappear when her rescuer showed up.  © YouTube/Screenshot/Takis Shelter

The pooch had a gaping wound on her head that required urgent treatment. Animal activist Takis took her to a friend's house in the Greek town of Ierapetra.

The friend poured iodine tincture directly onto the wound to disinfect it and it colored the dog's fur green.

But when Takis tried to approach the traumatized stray, her first instinct was to escape. She immediately ran to the first corner in sight and stuck her head between a wall and a garbage can, terrified of the man.

"Come love, it's ok," the rescuer coos, trying to comfort her and petting her on the back.

On December 28, Takis released a short YouTube film about the dog, whom he named her Ramona. It now has over 54,000 views.

Ramona is still struggling

Ramona today: healthy, but still scared.
Ramona today: healthy, but still scared.  © YouTube/Screenshot/Takis Shelter

But Takis' rescue effort didn't happen recently. The footage goes back to February 2017, so Ramona has been living in the shelter for nearly four years now as nobody has offered to take her home yet.

But why is it so tough for her to find new owners? Even though plenty of time has passed since Ramona suffered her injuries, she is still battling crippling fear.

According to Takis, she is no longer scared of him, but remains very shy when it comes to other people.

The physical wounds of the animal might have healed a long time ago, but the mental scars remain. How Ramona got her injuries is unknown up to this day, but whatever it was, she still needs time to get over it all.

One thing is certain: the shy canine needed a new loving home and she was lucky enough to find it at Takis' shelter.

Cover photo: YouTube/Screenshot/Takis Shelter

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