Who let the dogs out? Huskies embarrass their fellow pup with hilarious howling

Regional District of East Kootenay, Canada - These animals clearly love each other, but they are very different!

Three dogs in Canada. Which one doesn't seem to fit in?
Three dogs in Canada. Which one doesn't seem to fit in?  © Instagram/Screenshot/nico.jackson.zoey

Golden retriever Zoey and her two husky siblings Nico and Jackson are a true source of laughter for their owners Chantel Fox and Chris Boudens.

The dogs, who live with their family in Canada, have also made hundreds of thousands of Reddit and Instagram users smile due to their different ways of communicating,

In June, a clip of the three best friends went viral on their Instagram page. People all over the world were amused by the video, which showed just how different dogs can be.

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The clip is set in the Canadian woods, with the two huskies looking like they could have been born and raised there. As their owner begins a tune on the harmonica, the huskies join in and start howling – just like native wolves!

Zoey the golden retriever seems to be the only low-key dog around, because instead of joining in with her pack, she simply hunkers down and smiles, completely ignoring her brothers' wild behavior.

Then, Zoey gets up and runs to the camera, looking as if she wants someone to shut them up – fast.

Apparently, the hilarious differing dispositions is normal for these fur babies' relationship, as the couple proves in other videos, too.

More than 390,000 users enjoyed another clip showing the howling huskies in the car, with Zoey sitting between them and looking down in what seems to be complete embarrassment.

It's not easy having such annoying brothers, even for four-legged friends!

Cover photo: Instagram/Screenshots/nico.jackson.zoey

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