Young Texas girl dies after horrific dog attack

Fort Worth, Texas - Locals are mourning the passing of Elayah Brown, a little girl attacked by the family dog. She died shortly afterwards in hospital.

Elayah Brown was mauled to death by a mixed-breed family dog last Friday.
Elayah Brown was mauled to death by a mixed-breed family dog last Friday.  © GoFundMe/Screenshot/Funeral and Memorial for Elayah Brown

Around 5 PM on Friday evening, first responders received a terrifying 911 call. Little Elayah Brown (4) was playing in her backyard when she was suddenly attacked by the family dog.

Although emergency responders arrived quickly, it was already too late for the four-year-old girl.

Elayah Brown died about an hour after the attack from her severe injuries to the back of her head.

Local media is currently reporting that police have confirmed that the mixed-breed dog responsible was taken into the care of a city shelter and "humanely euthanized" on Saturday.

Police Chief Neil Noakes said in a statement, "Any time a life is taken from us, it's a tragic incident. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and all the first responders who responded to this call."

City spokeswoman Diane Covey called the attack a "terrible tragedy."

An autopsy result is still pending and the investigation into the child's death is ongoing, with no charges expected.

Elayah's uncle Reginald Arberry set up a GoFundMe page to financially support the family during these difficult times, writing himself that everyone is "devastated" over the four-year-old's sudden death.

"Our beloved Elayah recently passed away on April 30, 2021 Elayah was a wonderful daughter, niece, granddaughter and cousin who enriched the lives of those around her."

"She was a bright, beautiful and inspiring person." So far, nearly $20,000 has been raised on behalf of the family.

Just last month dog attacks claimed the lives of a three-year-old in New Jersey and a one-year-old in Illinois.

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