Mr. Goxx returns: Watch out crypto world, the Hamster of Wall Street is back!

Germany - The late and great Mr. Goxx, the infamous Hamster of Wall Street, has a replacement. And this new hamster is already burning the midnight oil to make those crypto trades.

Welcome to the office, new Mr. Goxx
Welcome to the office, new Mr. Goxx  © Screenshot/Instagram/mr_goxx

The owner of Twitch legend and financial genius Mr. Goxx, who sadly passed away in November 202, has a new hamster and a new way of doing business.

His first new order was on May 6, after the official Twitter account @mrgoxx teased the return of the trading hamster's Twitch account.

That's right, Mr. Goxx (same name, different rodent) is living the high life in a multi-story condo and office setup. His owner made sure that the upgrades are worthy of a rodent of his stature.

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There are different rooms, multiple levels, a winding spiral staircase, and plenty of space for the little whiskered finance guru.

He has two main work spaces. One is where he can little mock computers that work as selectors to let Mr. Goxx answer questions from fans.

The other is the trading hub, which has two tunnels and his hamster wheel. He selects a cryptocurrency by running in the wheel, and then, depending on which weight-sensing tunnel he goes through, he either buys or sells a fixed amount.

Everything is animal-safe, fully designed to hide wires, moving parts (apart from the wheel) and electronics behind wood, and his all-in-one abode is always on a natural day-night cycle.

So far, the animal crypto trader has a net loss of 3.02%. Only time will tell if the new Mr. Goxx can uphold the OG hamster's legacy and go to the moon!

Cover photo: Screenshot/Instagram/mr_goxx

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