Prehistoric showdown: shark and crocodile meet in Australia

East Arnhem, Australia - Duncan Brotchie knows his way around the seas and has witnessed many breathtaking scenes as a surfer, but thankfully he had his drone recording when this happened.

Shark meets crocodile: these exciting scenes took place near the Wessel Islands in Australia.
Shark meets crocodile: these exciting scenes took place near the Wessel Islands in Australia.  © Screenshot/Instagram/debrotchie

An Australian shared some incredible drone footage to Instagram that he shot while in the Wessel Islands, part of the Northern Territories.

A giant shark can be seen slowly but steadily tailing an equally large crocodile near the coast of the East Arnhem region.

Both prehistoric predators seem to move easily through the crystal clear water. It's not entirely clear whether the shark wants to eat its opponent. Perhaps the two were simply old friends out for a swim together!

The shark finally gets close enough to strike the giant lizard, but apparently it isn't quite so comfortable with the idea. The croc escapes into a nearby rock.

Too bad for the predator of the seas – if was trying to hunt the reptile, it missed its chance.

Brotchie told Daily Mail Australia about the exciting moment, "'We were probably about 10 meters (30 feet) away but could only see the footage from the drone because of the glare on the water, so you wouldn't know at all what was happening without seeing it from above. The shark did get really close to the croc so I thought something might happen, but it probably had second thoughts!'"

The surfer couldn't say exactly what kind of shark it was, but he suspects it was a tiger shark.

Another couple witnessed a similar scene in Australia. Luckily, they also had a drone on hand to capture the incredible moment.

Cover photo: Screenshot/Instagram/debrotchie

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