Woman attacked by "over 100" rats during walk in local park

London, UK - A British woman endured a nightmare on her evening walk when she was suddenly attacked by dozens of rats in the middle of London.

Around 100 rats attacked the woman as she was taking a walk last Monday (stock image).
Around 100 rats attacked the woman as she was taking a walk last Monday (stock image).  © 123RF/deyangeorgiev

The correct term for of a group of rats is a "mischief" – and that word really couldn't be more appropriate for Susan Treftub's horrific experience. Last Monday night, at around 9 PM, she was strolling through Blondin Park in London when she suddenly saw a nightmarish number of rodents scurrying in front of her.

"I have never seen that many animals let alone rats. It was disgusting," the single mother told The Sun.

"I can't be sure but I thought there were easily over 100. I felt like I was going to be sick."

From that moment on, things continued to only get worse as the rats started "crawling on my legs and I had to kick them off. It was just getting dark so it was hard to see where they were coming from."

Treftub walked away with several bite wounds on her legs and arm, but fortunately nothing worse than that.

A warning to parents taking their children to the park

The incident occured in a local park in London (stock image).
The incident occured in a local park in London (stock image).  © 123rf/jtinjaca

Treftub now wants others to know about her ordeal and urges parents to be cautious with their children in parks: "If it was a child there were so many that they actually could have caused some damage."

She said, she felt powerless when the rats attacked her. "I have never experienced or heard of anyone having this problem. I felt for a while afterwards that I was in a prank show or something. It just seems so ridiculous."

While Treftub is not too traumatized to go back to the park now, she does get a little tense.

An Ealing Council spokesperson has since released a statement, saying, "Encounters with rats and other potential pest species are clearly unpleasant for anyone involved. We can all help reduce the chances of encountering rats in local parks by taking home all litter and keeping our green spaces clear of rubbish and food."

In the meantime, the mischief of rats is probably still on the loose.

Cover photo: 123RF/deyangeorgiev

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