Zoo Atlanta shares adorable baby lemur news!

Atlanta, Georgia - Zoo Atlanta has some super sweet news to share after the center's animal care team quickly jumped in to make sure a baby crowned lemur and its mother survived after a scary delivery.

Zoo Atlanta has welcomed an adorable new baby lemur!
Zoo Atlanta has welcomed an adorable new baby lemur!  © Screenshot/X/@zooATL

A crowned lemur mama named Sava needed help delivering when her labor stalled.

Per Zoo Atlanta's press release, the stall in the experienced mother's labor suggested that the baby was breech.

The care team swiftly jumped into action and successfully delivered the baby via cesarean. They then shared an adorable snap of the healthy little monkey to X.

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Luckily, veterinarians could reunite the baby with its mother. Mama Sava is recovering well, and the baby is nursing normally.

"Zoo Atlanta is thrilled to welcome Sava's infant. It is always a cause for celebration and hope when a population of an endangered species gains another member," said Sam Rivera, DVM, vice president of Animal Health. In the wild, crowned lemurs live in north Madagascar - which is home to more than 100 known lemur species.

Cesarean births aren't uncommon at zoos – but they don't always go smoothly

"While cesarean births are not necessarily unusual for this species in human care, we are proud of our Animal Care and Veterinary Teams, who acted proactively to ensure the well-being of both Sava and her newborn," Rivera added.

Not every intervention or cesarean birth goes smoothly. In February, a baby gorilla named Jameela was born via emergency cesarean at the Fort Worth Zoo, and the baby's birth mother rejected her, kicking off an emotional search for a surrogate.

Luckily for Sava and her babe, the two are bonding and recovering well!

Cover photo: Screenshot/X/@zooATL

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