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Stay up to date on zoo-related news from right across the globe.
Stay up to date on zoo-related news from right across the globe.  © Unsplash/Daiga Ellaby

From fascinating stories about zoos around the world, to more local news about zoos in New York, Texas, and across the United States, TAG24 is here with all the latest. Are you curious about the latest scandals and tales? Then you've come to the right place!

Has a child got into some trouble at Dallas Zoo? Are some fascinating new animals coming to Central Park Zoo? Is something insane going on at San Diego Zoo? Whatever is happening at zoos across the United States of America, TAG24 will stay on top of it with the biggest scoops and the strangest stories.

There are a vast assortment of ethical issues to discuss too. Are animals being mistreated in zoos across the world and, if so, where and how is this abuse occurring? What is behind the movement to abolish, boycott, and scale back zoos, and why are emotions and tensions so high?

Animals in zoos do strange things, and so do the people. It's not all about the biggest zoo-related scandals, nor about the newest animals, but about human behavior as well. All the latest intriguing zoo stories and anecdotes can be found right here on TAG24 News.

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