This man turned himself into a real life supervillain!

Madrid, Spain - A tattoo artist had his earlobes and nose surgically removed, and that's just for starters. Henry Rodriguez's ultimate goal is to look like a famous Marvel villain.

Tattoo artist Henry Rodriguez has made it his life's mission to look like the Red Skull.
Tattoo artist Henry Rodriguez has made it his life's mission to look like the Red Skull.  ©

The 34-year-old underwent a total of 15 operations and has already spent more than $35,000 – all to become a real-life Red Skull.

The supervillain is a staple of the Marvel universe and appeared in the first Captain America movie, portrayed by British actor Hugo Weaving (60). He has a blood-red skull for a face.

And this is (almost) exactly what Henry Rodriguez, who goes by the name therealredskull on Instagram, looks like now.

This striking resemblance has already gained him a following of more than 39,000 users – and he likes to entertain them with new posts on a regular basis.

According to The Sun, he has had his earlobes and nose amputated, and silicone implants added to his forehead, cheeks, and eyebrows. Not to mention that he also had his eyeballs completely blackened.

Even though Henry Rodriguez admits that every single surgery was pretty painful, he insists that it's all worth it for his pursuit of his dreams.

His son loves the extreme changes

His now seven-year-old son doesn't seem to be afraid of him in the slightest. In fact, the little boy even calls his father "super daddy".

In 2019, Henry Rodriguez moved from Venezuela to Spain to make a living as a tattoo artist. He insisted that all the surgeries only changed the package, not its contents.

"It is as if you have a breast surgery," Rodriguez told The Sun. "What you have done is an aesthetic change, but it is not personal, the human being is always going to be the same."

Henry Rodriguez has more modifications planned

He isn't the only one who enjoys extreme transformations through surgeries and tattoos. There's competition from the Brazilian "black alien" or a French teacher who doubles as the devil.

But Henry Rodriguez is not yet finished with this  bizarre kind of art. He is already planning his next modification, but he isn't ready to reveal his newest project yet.

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