Bachelor in Paradise: Season 8 premiere boasts name fails and a secret pre-filming love triangle

Sayulita, Mexico - Bachelor in Paradise's season 8 premiere saw an epic name mix-up before a secret pre-Paradise love triangle started to expose itself.

Bachelor in Paradise's eighth season kicked off on Tuesday night.
Bachelor in Paradise's eighth season kicked off on Tuesday night.  © Screenshot/Instagram/michael_alliol4

It may be a new season of BIP, but host Jesse Palmer confirmed the rules are the same: find love and couple up, or get sent home.

The one piece of advice Jesse gave the season 8 singles? Do not hesitate, because new singles will be dropping by the beach on a rolling basis, and a metaphorical hurricane is sure to make landfall.

The season premiere showcased the first night in Paradise, where things went off the rails thanks to a weird love triangle between Romeo Alexander, Kira Mengistu, and Jill Chin – though only Romeo seems to be aware of it. At least, for now.

Though The Bachelor's season 26 villain Shanae Ankney showed up and immediately triggered Genevieve Parisi's PTSD, it seems like Shanae might've turned a new leaf. That, or she realized there's a plethora of men to scope out, meaning she doesn't have to throw as many people under the bus to get what she wants this time.

The first date card went to Andrew Spencer, who opted to take Teddi Wright out, where Bachelor Nation witnessed the most adorably awkward first date in franchise history.

But the real show-stopping moment happened when The Bachelorette's season 19 alum Logan Jones straight up called a woman by the wrong name.

Bachelor in Paradise's eighth season has a standout single

Michael Allio seems to be everyone's favorite amongst the season 8 cast.
Michael Allio seems to be everyone's favorite amongst the season 8 cast.  © Screenshot/Instagram/michael_alliol4

That's right, Logan completely botched Lace Morris' name, calling her "Luce" as she was running around telling everyone it was her birthday in hopes of getting some much-needed attention.

Fan favorite in Michael Allio from Katie Thurston's season seemed to be everyone's favorite person on the beach, and we're talking amongst both men and women.

As one person accurately stated, he has the ability to go from "daddy" to "zaddy in .2 seconds," but out of all the ladies vying for his love, he seems to be steady vibing with Sierra Jackson – the hero of Clayton Echard's season.

But if Paradise has taught viewers anything, it's to expect the unexpected. Tune into the chaos as it unfolds when Bachelor in Paradise returns to ABC on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 PM ET.

Cover photo: Screenshot/Instagram/michael_alliol4

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