The Bachelor: Joey Graziadei's search for "Mrs. Right" turns ugly

Los Angeles, California - Joey Graziadei has found himself caught in the middle as The Bachelor crowns its latest season villain thanks to one seriously ugly feud.

Joey Graziadei's journey for love on season 28 of The Bachelor was plagued by in-mansion drama in episode 3.
Joey Graziadei's journey for love on season 28 of The Bachelor was plagued by in-mansion drama in episode 3.  © Disney/John Fleenor

Before Monday's drama began, the night's first group date saw the surprise return of some Bachelor Nation royalty – the women of The Golden Bachelor! April, Susan, Kathy, and Nancy from Gerry Turner's season all arrived to help judge Joey's ladies in one cringe-worthy "Mrs. Right" pageant.

Among the many... interesting acts presented during the talent portion, Lexi put herself out there for Joey's attention – and the resentment of every other girl in the mansion – by flaunting her skill as "the world's best kisser." And sure enough, Lexi took home the crown.

At the cocktail party, the women didn't hold back their feelings on the PDA, with Maria admitting that it was tough to watch and making the absolutely earth-shattering confession that is – wait for it – an introvert!

Next up was Madina, who feuded with Maria last week over the former's insecurities about her age. While Madina refused to disclose who made the "invalidating" comment about her feelings, she told Joey that she felt "bullied" by the situation, which left him a bit troubled about what was going on in the house.

Kelsey A. was then granted the date rose, but the attention remained on Maria and Madina after Joey told the room that he was "scared" by the bullying allegations made by Madina. The rivalry was then reignited as the two got into a sparring match, but Sydney was quick to make sure the spotlight also hit her as she claimed that she, too, felt bullied – despite the fact that she started the entire drama by spilling what Maria had said last week.

Unfortunately, the playground-worthy arguments continued well into the next day, but thankfully, it was time for a change of pace as Joey then selected Jenn for a one-on-one.

"Bullying" takes over The Bachelor mansion in episode 3

Bachelor Joey Graziadei took his ladies on a tennis-themed group date as tensions episode 3.
Bachelor Joey Graziadei took his ladies on a tennis-themed group date as tensions episode 3.  © Disney/John Fleenor

The pair caught some waves before the tried-and-true Bachelor dinner date, filled with the trademark confessions about troubled childhoods.

Jenn explained that her parents had always fought while she was growing up, leaving her without a proper example of true love and straining her relationship with her dad.

Joey then blessed her with a rose, and it was off to the tennis courts for the next group date.

All that "game, set, match" marketing finally came to fruition as tennis pro Joey showed off his skill with the help of two of the sport's legends, James Blake and Pam Shriver! In a tournament that mandated some of the most bizarre costumes ever seen on The Bachelor, Evalin and Kelsey T. reigned supreme, but it was "cursed" Katelyn who took home the date rose after the cocktail party.

Next up was the pool party from hell, where the women were left to enjoy KFC chicken as Sydney and Maria went to battle. Unlike Madina, Sydney had no problem naming names, telling Joey that Maria "verbally attacked" her... because that's definitely a real thing that happened.

Joey being Joey, our lead looked to get to the bottom of things as he pulled Maria for a chat, and while he remained unsure of whose side to take, he did note that she seemed more genuine than Sydney. See that, kids, bullying never works!

Who went home on episode 3 of The Bachelor season 28?

The evening's rose ceremony confirmed that there's no end in sight for this drama – until next week, that is – as both Sydney and Maria were chosen. Based on the preview, it looks like this feud will come to an end two-on-one style.

The night marked the end of the road for Chrissa, Starr, and a deeply heartbroken Evalin.

The Bachelor will return on Monday, February 12 at 8:00 PM EST on ABC.

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