Michelle and Barack Obama are launching a new Netflix animated series!

Los Angeles, California - Michelle and Barack Obama are launching an animated series for children with a political message through their production company Higher Ground.

Barack Obama (59) and Michelle Obama (57) at the White House on Easter in 2015.
Barack Obama (59) and Michelle Obama (57) at the White House on Easter in 2015.  © IMAGO / agefotostock

For the series titled We The People, Barack (59) and Michelle Obama (57) were able to get some of their favorite artists and great animators to produce educational material that far exceeds any they had in school.

The Netflix series featured singers and artists including H.E.R., Janelle Monáe, Andra Day, Adam Lambert, Lin-Manuel Miranda and poet Amanda Gorman.

The ten animated music videos revolve around themes of civil rights and women's rights. The series premieres on the Fourth of July, of course!

The former presidential couple has been working with streaming service Netflix since 2018. Their objective is changing how people view the world and promote more solidarity through their projects.

We The People is a colorful tribute to America's colorful history

The 2019 film American Factory, an Oscar-winning documentary about the closing of a car factory in Ohio and the social consequences for the employees, was the first work acquired by Higher Ground Productions and released by Netflix.

Cover photo: IMAGO / agefotostock

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