"Black Alien" body mod addict makes shocking sex statement

France - The "Black Alien" has drawn millions of eyes due to his unique look and tattooed physique. Now, he has dropped one of his most shocking posts yet, turning the stomachs of thousands.

Anthony Loffredo has radically transformed his body into that of a "black alien."
Anthony Loffredo has radically transformed his body into that of a "black alien."  © Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@the_black_alien_project

Having returned to his home country of France after years spent abroad in Mexico, Anthony Loffredo (the "Black Alien") has been relatively quiet for months now, ever since announcing and then backtracking on the cancelation of his so-called "Black Alien Project."

Loffredo made his name through the radical body modifications that he used to shape his "Black Alien Project." Over the years, he has amassed more than 1.4 million Instagram followers while posting about chopped-off fingers, extreme scarification, and more.

His most recent Instagram post, however, shocks in a wholly different way – a disturbing rant about how "sex can kill" and "women can cum for an hour."

Extreme tattoo addict is "Reborn" in radical transformation throwback
Tattoos Extreme tattoo addict is "Reborn" in radical transformation throwback

Written in French and liked almost 10,000 times, Loffredo's most recent post is a bizarre and hypersexual rant paired with a video showing his tattooed and heavily modded body in the mirror.

"Black Alien" body mod fanatic goes on sexual rant

"Do you know what our body goes through when we make love?" Loffredo asks at the outset (translated from French). "The pupils dilate, the arteries contract, the temperature rises, the heart races, the blood pressure goes through the roof."

Of course, it only gets weirder from there, as the "Black Alien" explains how "breathing accelerates and becomes panting" and "the brain sends electrical impulses in all directions" as "secretions gush from all the glands."

"The muscles tense and contract as if we were lifting three times the weight of our body. It's violent, it's brutal, and it's not pretty."

"And if God had not arranged for us to ask for more, we would have stopped reproducing a long time ago. Men are lucky to only have one orgasm. You know, women can cum for an hour!"

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@the_black_alien_project

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