Australian finds a poisonous surprise in a supermarket salad!

Melbourne, Australia - An Australian woman took to Facebook to display the terrifying discovery her son made in an Aldi salad pack.

The little snake was in the lettuce wrapped in plastic.
The little snake was in the lettuce wrapped in plastic.  © Screenshot/facebook/lesley.kuhn.9

In a post leaving people thinking, "Only in Australia!", Lesley Kuhn of Melbourne let shared that her family did not have just a boring salad for lunch.

Kuhn's adult son, Alexander, sent the photos to his mother after finding a baby snake in a sealed package of romaine lettuce purchased from Aldi.

Aldi operates over 500 stores in Australia and has not yet responded to the incident.

The Wildlife Information, Rescue, and Education Service (WIRES) collected the reptile and identified it as a venomous Pale-headed snake.

There is little known about what can happen when humans are bitten by this type of snake, according to the Queensland Museum.

Finder reports on Facebook about the salad snake

The consequences could have been serious

What is puzzling is how the snake got into the lettuce.
What is puzzling is how the snake got into the lettuce.  © Screenshot/facebook/lesley.kuhn.9

The Pale-headed snake's venom is hemotoxic, which means it destroys red blood cells and tissue. For humans, a bite can have serious consequences.

Possible symptoms include severe headaches, blurred vision, pain and abnormal bleeding, Mosman Collective reports.

Kuhn and her son were lucky; they weren't bitten.

Now the mother wants to warn of the danger. "Check packaged lettuces carefully!", she urged.

This case of snakes in a salad is only the latest in a long line of weird and terrifying encounters with the dangerous reptiles that Australians have to deal with on a daily basis.

The baby snake is currently still being cared for by WIRES experts. Next week it is to be returned to its natural habitat and released. Let's hope it doesn't find its way back to the lettuce farm!

Cover photo: Screenshot/facebook/lesley.kuhn.9

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