Cat born without anus undergoes risky surgery to save its life

Wakefield, UK - A kitten didn't have a chance at surviving because it was born without an anus. Its owners made a choice to try and save the cuddly cutie anyway.

Toulouse was born without an anus, a rare genetic defect.
Toulouse was born without an anus, a rare genetic defect.  © Collage: Screenshot/Instagram/nothing_toulouse_cat

Thanks to its owners' decision to put the little one through a risky surgery, its life was saved!

As the BBC reported, Nadia Kleisa and her partner Tom Hooper had just adopted two kittens named Toulouse and Mila when they realized something was very wrong.

Toulouse never once pooped in the litter box!

They had the kitty quickly checked by the local vet at the Vets4Pets practice group near their Wakefield home, who then revealed a shocking diagnosis: The animal had a rare genetic condition that cause it to be born without an anus!

Vet Chris Coutts gave Toulouse just a few hours to live, but after conducting research, the vet provided a slim chance at a miracle. Having only seen the condition twice in 28 years of practice, the vet suggested a surgery in which he might be able to save the kitten, but there were no guarantees.

"He explained the risks, but without the operation he wouldn't have survived so we immediately agreed." Kleisa told the BBC.

A celebration for feces

Toulouse and his sister Mila are now healthy and doing well.
Toulouse and his sister Mila are now healthy and doing well.  © Instagram/nothing_toulouse_cat

The operation was performed at the end of April. Toulouse was given a new anus with a working colon attached to it.

The animal was able to go home just a few hours after the operation!

Just 36 hours after surgery, and with the help of a special diet, Toulouse was able to defecate for the first time.

Kleisa said she and her partner were so relieved, they "couldn't stop smiling."

Four months after the surgery, the kitten is doing great!

There is only one thing that remains unclear. Normally, organs under the anus indicate gender for a cat.

Toulouse's defect meant the body parts didn't develop properly, so it has never been clear whether they are a male or a female.

The cat will continue to receive check-ups with the hope that more can be learned about the rare genetic defect.

In the meantime, Toulouse has their own TikTok and Instagram accounts, and already has tons of followers who have routed for their miraculous recovery.

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshot/Instagram/nothing_toulouse_cat

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