The most paw-some dogs on TikTok: Watch these pups steal your heart

This week's top pup-filled TikTok videos feature some paw-some dogs expressing pure joy, frustration, and a little bit of determination.

We've rounded up some of the most expressive and talented dogs on TikTok this week.
We've rounded up some of the most expressive and talented dogs on TikTok this week.  © Collage: Screenshot/TikTok/@haylz97, @goldenlifeofloki, @cedarandsprinkle

You're definitely gonna have a ball with these doggone clips!

This crop of cute and expressive dogs we've found on TikTok this week are sure to steal your heart.

From an apartment dog finally getting the yard of her dreams to a Golden Retriever named Loki showing off his impeccable acting skills, these videos prove that dogs are much smarter than we assume.

Dog "turns into bunny" with "jumping shoes" and triggers millions on TikTok
Dogs Dog "turns into bunny" with "jumping shoes" and triggers millions on TikTok

And did we forget to mention there's a charming Italian Greyhound named Sprinkle who shows off an adorable epic fail?

Check these unhinged pups out below!

Adorable apartment dog gets her dream backyard

This video by TikTok creator @haylz97 shows a dog finally getting the yard of her dreams.

In the clip, you can see the sheer joy and happiness on her face while she runs around in her huge new space. The happiness is infectious, which left fans leaving some amazing comments.

"I’m sobbing. The wiggles turning into full speed zoomies," one viewer wrote.

Another pointed out how they could relate: "Oh my gosh this is how my puppers felt once we got a big yard."

See it below:

A Golden Retriever named Loki doesn't like to follow rules

This adorable clip posted by @goldenlifeofloki on TikTok shows a golden retriever named Loki giving his parents the most melodramatic puppy dog eyes!

The pup throws a tantrum when he learns he isn't allowed to jump up on his human grandparents – one of his favorite activities – which leads to his melancholy look.

"NOT HIM CHECKING TO MAKE SURE YOURE LOOKING AT HIM," said one user on the platform, noting his hilariously devious personality.

Don't skip over this overly-dramatic pooch:

Sprinkle the Italian Greyhound fails at being questioned

This hilarious video on TikTok by @cedarandsprinkle shows an Italian Greyhound named Sprinkle trying to answer some questions asked by her human mom by using custom audio buttons that answer yes or no.

However, it's obvious from the clip that all the dog seems to care about is getting a treat.

"Sprink just there for the treats, so adorable both of them," one viewer noted.

Her sibling comes over to show her how it's done in style, which left viewers leaving some amused comments.

"The absolute unhinged chaos is GIVING ME LIFE," one wrote. "The way the second dog gently touched the button," another added.

Check out this competetively-cute canine duo:

Stay tuned for next week's roundup of elite animal content you might've missed on TikTok!

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshot/TikTok/@haylz97, @goldenlifeofloki, @cedarandsprinkle

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