Forth Worth Zoo's baby gorilla will get a new home as search for a new mom continues

Fort Worth, Texas - Fort Worth Zoo announced that their baby gorilla Jameela is moving to Cleveland Metroparks Zoo in Ohio after attempts to integrate her into their troop were unsuccessful.

Forth Worth Zoo's baby gorilla is moving to Ohio!
Forth Worth Zoo's baby gorilla is moving to Ohio!  © Screenshot/Instagram/Fort worth Zoo

The zoo made a "bittersweet announcement" on social media, confirming that their 11-week-old baby lowland gorilla, who made headlines after she was born by emergency c-section, will be moving to Ohio.

After her premature birth, Jameela's mother Sekani shunned her, so the baby's caregivers tried to find her a surrogate mother.

Unfortunately, Fort Worth Zoo's other female gorillas didn't show the behavior required for a successful bond.

Dog and her piece of "emotional support toast" are best friend goals
Dogs Dog and her piece of "emotional support toast" are best friend goals

"While we hoped for a different outcome – one that includes Jameela fully integrated into our troop – our main goal has always been that Jameela is raised by gorillas," the zoo wrote on Instagram.

The good news is that caregivers have found a new troop for the adorable infant in Cleveland.

Baby gorllia to be fosted in Ohio

Fort Worth Zoo and its partners determined the best place for Jameela is with the gorilla troop in Cleveland.

"We have been in close contact with Fort Worth Zoo and following Jameela’s journey," said Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Executive Director Dr. Chris Kuhar in a statement. "Together our zoos[...], are hopeful that Jameela will quickly bond and thrive with our troop."

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo's troop is an experienced gorilla foster team. In 2021, their oldest female Fredrika, adopted a baby after it was rejected by its mother.

Jameela will move to Ohio early this week.

Cover photo: Screenshot/Instagram/Fort worth Zoo

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