How to stream the 2024 Oscars Best Picture nominees

The biggest night in Hollywood is rapidly approaching, and there are ten critically acclaimed movies vying for the title of Best Picture at the 2024 Academy Awards.

Barbie (l.) and Poor Things are both in the running for Best Picture at the 2024 Oscars.
Barbie (l.) and Poor Things are both in the running for Best Picture at the 2024 Oscars.  © Collage: Imago / Everett Collection

After a year of buzz-worthy flicks, it's almost time to crown the top pick at this year's Oscars.

The 2024 nominees are stacked with box-office bombshells, heart-wrenching dramas, and everything in between!

If you're looking to study up before the Academy Awards ceremony, here's where you can find the top contenders on streaming!

How to stream The Holdovers

Comedy-drama The Holdovers stars Paul Giamatti as a grumpy boarding school teacher tasked with the dreaded responsibility of chaperoning the remaining students staying on campus over the Christmas holiday.

Featuring poignant performances from newcomer Dominic Sessa and first-time Oscar nominee Da'Vine Joy Randolph, The Holdovers is a heartwarming holiday worth watching all year round.

The Holdovers is now streaming on Peacock.

How to stream American Fiction

Jeffrey Wright leads American Fiction, a pitch-perfect "dramedy" that is equal parts heart and wit. Wright stars as Monk Ellison, an author facing repeated setbacks in the field before deciding to write a satire of the popular, stereotypically "Black" books.

As the satire finds misguided success, American Fiction confronts the lingering issues of diversity and representation in the publishing world with biting commentary.

American Fiction is now streaming on MGM+.

How to stream The Zone of Interest

The Zone of Interest is a chilling historical drama centering around Nazi commanding officer Rudolf Höss and his wife Hedwig attempting to build a normal family life while living next door to the Auschwitz concentration camp.

The Zone of Interest is currently available for purchase on digital platforms and is expected to arrive for streaming on Max at a later date.

How to stream Barbie

The mega-hit Barbie took over pop culture in July 2023, leading the box office charge through the beloved Barbenheimer double-feature.

Starring Margot Robbie as the titular doll, Barbie sees the iconic toy enter the real world and come to grips with the not-so-dreamy truth in this witty and heartwarming comedy.

Barbie is now streaming on Max.

How to stream Oppenheimer

The second half of 2023's box office phenomenon, Oppenheimer, sees Cillian Murphy take on the role of the titular physicist amid his work on the Manhattan Project and, later, the 1954 security hearing that ended his relationship with the US government.

Oppenheimer is now streaming on Peacock.

How to stream Poor Things

Emma Stone stars as Bella Baxter in this Frankenstein-esque story that follows one woman – reanimated through a brain transplant – as she works to find her way in the world.

Co-starring Mark Ruffalo and Willem Dafoe, Poor Things has been a critic darling this awards season, racking up 11 nominations at the Oscars.

Poor Things is now streaming on Hulu.

How to stream Past Lives

Past Lives features Greta Lee and Teo Yoo as two childhood friends as the two grow up – and grow apart – over the span of two decades.

A subtle reflection on lost love and coming of age, the movie has also earned a nomination for Best Original Screenplay.

Past Lives is now streaming on Showtime, and Paramount+, Hulu, or Prime Video for customers who have purchased the Showtime add-on.

How to stream Anatomy of a Fall

French drama Anatomy of a Fall follows a woman named Sandra who must prove her innocence in the murder of her husband, who was found dead by their son.

Anatomy of a Fall is not yet streaming, but viewers can rent or buy it on digital platforms.

How to stream Maestro

Maestro stars Bradley Cooper as iconic composer Leonard Bernstein and highlights his romance with wife Felicia Montealegre, played by Carey Mulligan.

The film was directed and co-written by Cooper, with Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg on board as producers.

Maestro is now streaming on Netflix.

How to stream Killers of the Flower Moon

Leonardo DiCaprio reunites with legendary director Martin Scorsese in the haunting drama The Killers of the Flower Moon, with additional powerhouse performances from Robert De Niro and Lily Gladstone.

Set in the 1920s, the movie is centered around the brutal murders of Osage members after oil was found on tribal land.

Killers of the Flower Moon is now streaming on Apple TV+.

The 2024 Academy Awards will begin at 7 PM EST on Sunday, March 10.

Cover photo: Collage: Imago / Everett Collection

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