George Santos proposes amendments and changes course on debt limit bill

Washington DC - Representative George Santos reportedly proposed two amendments to the recently proposed debt ceiling bill that would force longer work requirements for Medicaid recipients and has since agreed to vote in favor.

Representative George Santos (r) has vowed to vote in favor
Representative George Santos (r) has vowed to vote in favor  © IMAGO / Cover-Images

Members of the US House will convene on Wednesday to vote on the 350-page Limit, Save, Grow Act of 2023, the latest debt ceiling bill proposed by GOP reps.

Republicans are hoping to see the bill pass, and while Santos previously said he didn't support the bill, on Wednesday, his office told The Hill: "The congressman will be voting yes and he is pleased with the changes made this morning."

Though Santos hasn't concisely laid out his grievances with the bill, he did reportedly say that he previously took issue with its proposed repeal of tax credits that were granted through the Inflation Reduction Act.

Judge in Trump's hush money trial scolded over political donations
Donald Trump Judge in Trump's hush money trial scolded over political donations

According to Insider, Santos proposed two amendments to the bill.

One amendment would block wind turbines from being built in his Long Island district, and another would increase the work requirement for Medicaid recipients from 20 to 30 hours per week.

Rep. Santos has fabricated his own work history

The notion that Rep. Santos proposed such amendments is pretty wild considering he was caught fabricating much of his resume, including aspects of his work and education history, which helped him get elected to his current position.

Despite countless calls from his constituents and fellow politicians for him to resign, Santos recently filed to run for reelection in 2024.

While he used to have the support of big-name politicians like former President Donald Trump and current House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, it might take a miracle for him to garner that same level of enthusiasm.

When reporter Sahil Kapur recently asked McCarthy if he would support Santos' reelection bid, the politician laughed and said, "We'll wait and see who else files."

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