Joe Biden's popularity is surprising when ranked against past presidents – including Trump

Washington DC - This week marks the president's first 100 days in office, and most Americans are saying, "Go Joe!"

President Biden was photographed in Washington DC on Sunday.
President Biden was photographed in Washington DC on Sunday.  © IMAGO / ZUMA Wire

According to a new survey by The Washington Post and ABC News, President Joe Biden (78) is more popular than his predecessor Donald Trump (74) was during his first 100 days in office four years ago.

"Joe is CRUSHING IT. Get em joe!" wrote one commenter on the president's official Instagram account.

Yet, Biden ranks more unpopular than the presidents before him.

Billy Baldwin claps back at George Santos over AOC House floor speech
Politicians Billy Baldwin claps back at George Santos over AOC House floor speech

52% of Americans polled said they approved of Biden's performance so far, compared with just 42% for Trump after his first 100 days. George W. Bush (74) achieved approval ratings of 63% in a comparable survey, and Barack Obama (59) an overwhelming 69%.

Biden was praised in particular for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, which 64% of respondents approve of.

The US has made huge strides on in its vaccination campaign – Biden announced its 200th million vaccine dose was given last week. Major cities have recorded the lowest number of new Covid-19 infections in months, while fears of a fourth wave have not yet materialized.

Biden's handling of immigration on the Mexican border has been polarizing, with 53% of respondents in the poll expressing disapproval and only 37% supporting the new president's plan of action.

The new administration has been dealing with overcrowded border facilities from a huge influx of migrants. It recently announced deals with Latin American countries to increase military presence on the Southern borders.

Biden has already battled against deeply divided political parties

President Biden continues to face an uphill battle as the divide among political parties remains hardened.

Republicans are critical of Biden's major proposals like a massive American Jobs Plan to stimulate the economy and gun control, which he called" an American issue."

Biden supported a trillion-dollar Coronavirus stimulus package to kick off his term, which Senate Democrats passed without any Republican support.

Biden campaigned on the promise of uniting a deeply divided country and to "build back better." His official 100th day in office will be on April 30.

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