Zoos around the US celebrate Stars Wars Day in epic fashion!

The force is strong with many animals, as seen in adorable social media posts from zoos around the country celebrating Star Wars Day. Here are some of the best tributes on the internet.

Zoos around the US celebrate Stars Wars Day!
Zoos around the US celebrate Stars Wars Day!  © screenshot/Twitter/buffalozoo

Zoos and zookeepers got into the spirit of Star Wars Day and took to social media to share the celebratory message "May the fourth be with you" along with cute posts and clips.

One of the most viewed posts was a tweet from the Oregon Zoo with a pic of a beaver with a lightsaber, spoofing the famous Yoda wisdom: "Chew or chew not. There is no try."

Some zoos celebrated by surprising their animals with adorable Star Wars-themed enrichment boxes. Northwest Trek Wildlife Park, for example, gave their Forest the marten Grogu's pram to explore, while the Tennessee Aquarium gifted their lemurs lightsabers.

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But not all of the animals were equally interested in improving their Jedi skills. The lemurs, for instance, were more interested in their snacks than the lightsabers, and Blank Park Zoo's rhino was clearly wary of his enrichment box.

A few zoos brought in special guests, like Baby Yoda from the Mandalorian, to visit or play with their charges and shared compilation clips from the visits.

Social media is full of Star Wars greetings on May 4th, but few were as spot on and cute as those from the zoos. Here are three TAG24 favorites from San Diego, San Francisco, and Blank Park.

San Diego Zoo thrills visitors with Darth Beaver

The San Diego Zoo flooded its feed on Thursday with adorable Star Wars posts. Their most popular features show the zoo was leaning into its dark side this year.

Their best post is TikTok of "Darth Beaver." The video shows a beaver named Peanut getting a treat to the sound clip of Anakin Skywalker getting dubbed Darth Vader.

"The force is strong with Peanut," the zoo wrote.

San Francisco Zoo's animals meet Baby Yoga

Animals at the San Francisco Zoo weren't so sure what to do with Baby Yoda.
Animals at the San Francisco Zoo weren't so sure what to do with Baby Yoda.  © College: screenshot/TikTok/sanfranciscozoo

Keepers at the San Francisco Zoo shared an adorable compilation of their animals meeting Baby Yoda to Twitter and TikTok on Thursday.

They posted the clip with the caption, "May the Fourth be with you (and endangered species everywhere!)."

The video shows Baby Yoda visiting with the animals and their hilarious and adorable reactions.

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The penguins seem confused by the alien's presence, while the meerkats and monkey are clearly willing to accept it. The clip boasts over 8,000 views.

Blank Park Zoo's Rhino doesn't get the Force

Iowa's Blank Park Zoo tried to amuse its rhinos with two-Star Wars enrichment boxes, one of which was shaped like R2D2.

Their Eastern black rhinos weren't sure about the activity, looking highly skeptical in the amusing Twitter clip.

The animals' lukewarm reaction prompted keepers to joke that their rhino hasn't grown to feel the force. As the zoo wrote in their post, "Padawan Kamara, the critically endangered Eastern black rhino, is still unfamiliar with the ways of the force... maybe next year, youngling."

Even if not all the animals enjoyed their Star Wars Day surprises, their reactions are sure to give you a laugh.

Cover photo: screenshot/Twitter/buffalozoo

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