The Golden Bachelor: Is Gerry Turner's search for love worth the watch?

Los Angeles, California - It's a new age for The Bachelor franchise with the premiere of The Golden Bachelor, and things have already gotten quite emotional as Gerry Turner's journey to love begins!

The Golden Bachelor debuted its first episode on September 28.
The Golden Bachelor debuted its first episode on September 28.  © ABC/Craig Sjodin

Night one of The Golden Bachelor took a somber start as Gerry shared the heartbreaking story of his four-decade marriage to his late wife, Toni, before her tragic passing in 2017.

Six years later, Gerry is ready to fall in love again as he begins his first night in the mansion.

The 22 women vying for his heart, who are all between the ages of 60 and 75, pulled out the usual stops with dramatic limo exits, stunning gowns, and a few gimmicks for safe measure.

From a "birthday suit" to an F-bomb-laden meditation, the contestants certainly made the entrances memorable and proved that this season is sure to have as much entertainment as any other Bachelor installment.

Once inside, the women continued to strive for Gerry's attention as they shared intimate chats with the father of two. While it's hard to tell which contestants will have strong enough connections to last, Faith Martin made her effortlessly cool presence known by scoring the first impression rose.

After her motorcycle entrance at the mansion, Faith, a local radio host, somehow managed to make a reality show serenade not cringeworthy, with Gerry calling the original song "gorgeous."

Gerry warmed hearts across Bachelor nation as he got emotional ahead of the rose ceremony, where he cut six happily ever afters short with a quick elimination.

The Golden Bachelor earns the first impression rose from Bachelor Nation

Faith Martin earned the first impression rose from Gerry Turner after an impressive serenade.
Faith Martin earned the first impression rose from Gerry Turner after an impressive serenade.  © ABC/Craig Sjodin

In a surprising move for the franchise, Gerry quietly rejected Patty James, mom of former Bachelor Matt, despite the buzz over her participation in the season.

Along with Patty, Anna, Maria, Pamela, Renee, and Sylvia also went home rose-less on night one.

Though The Golden Bachelor may have been a bit of a risk for the iconic reality franchise, it certainly seems to have paid off, as fans can't get enough of Gerry and his contestants (who must reveal their skin-care routines ASAP).

"I could watch 20 seasons of seniors trying to find love THIS IS SO CUTE," one fan wrote.

"This is the first night one where no one is getting accused of being here for followers and it's so refreshing to watch," another joked.

Could The Golden Bachelor be the revitalizing kick the franchise needed? Find out when Gerry returns next Thursday, October 5 at 8 PM ET on ABC.

Cover photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

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