Has Kourtney Kardashian inspired her new boo to launch his cannabis-inspired brand?

Calabasas, California – For Kourtney Kardashian's new boo, weed and wellness go hand in hand.

Travis (l.) has dropped a new wellness brand, while girlfriend Kourtney (r.) is also in the industry.
Travis (l.) has dropped a new wellness brand, while girlfriend Kourtney (r.) is also in the industry.  © Instagram/Screenshot/travisbarker & Instagram/Screenshot/kourtneykardash

Travis Barker is certainly keeping up with the Kardashians by launching a brand-new business. Fans are wondering if the family's money-making spirit has already rubbed off on Kourtney's new boyfriend.

On Wednesday, the Blink 182 drummer's latest Instagram post promoted his new business venture Barker Wellness Company, which sells CBD and cannabinoid-infused wellness products.

"Daily reminder to make space in your life to practice self-care," the drummer captioned the shot.

The sentiment is very similar to those by girlfriend Kourtney's business Poosh, a wellness and lifestyle blog and product marketplace she founded in 2019. Kourtney even promoted her own CBD skincare serum which she captioned in a photo "#selfcaresunday".

Sounds very familiar to her boyfriend's most recent drop.

Barker Wellness Company was launched in February – the same time Travis and Kourtney went public with their steamy, fast-tracked romance.

He recently had the oldest Kardashian's name tattooed on his chest and spoiled her with grand gestures for her birthday last weekend.

Instagrammers couldn't help but see the connection between the hot-and-heavy couple and their business endeavors.

"I see @kourtneykardash is teaching you things," an Instagrammer commented on his newest post.

"Ok, Mr Poosh," said another.

"He’s a kardashian now. WHAT A LAME!" a critic wrote.

Kourtney and Travis's wellness brands both highlighted CBD products

CBD is the new way to be

Travis has shared couple photos of himself and Kourtney on his Instagram since last month.
Travis has shared couple photos of himself and Kourtney on his Instagram since last month.  © Instagram/Screenshot/travisbarker

Barker Wellness Company's "premium quality and ethically made vegan, THC-free" products are said to have been in the works for the last two years.

Yet, sources say that Travis has known the Kardashians and had a crush on Kourtney for years, though the two remained "just friends" until recently. So it is not a stretch that the rocker may have taken a page out of the entrepreneurial family's book.

Since surviving a deadly plane crash in 2008, Travis said he has prioritized his health with Muay Thai boxing and followed a vegan diet. Kourtney is also said to eat clean and mostly dairy-free, and has been shown on the family's reality show to only use organic makeup and all-natural household cleaners.

"Living a healthy lifestyle is everything to me," Travis said recently in a video promoting his new "passion project".

Cannabis inspired-products have become all the rage lately – with the legalization of marijuana use in New York earlier this month and California in 2016. More states are soon expected to follow as national representatives have already voted to decriminalize recreational use federally. Dozens of celebs like John Legend and Jack Black have even gotten in on the CBD-selling action.

Travis spoke to Drew Barrymore about the exploding industry on her new talk show in March and how his practices helped him cope with a demanding tour schedule with Blink 182

"I found that CBD was like a big big big helpful recovery tool for was life changing," he said.

Perhaps Travis's new Kardashian girlfriend has further inspired his life changes with her family's business launching prowess.

Cover photo: Instagram/Screenshot/travisbarker & Instagram/Screenshot/kourtneykardash

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