What will Taylor Swift's surprise songs be at The Eras Tour in Lisbon?

Lisbon, Portugal - Taylor Swift has reached Portugal as The Eras Tour continues its run through Europe, and with it comes another batch of show-stopping surprise songs!

Taylor Swift will play two nights in Lisbon on May 24 and 25.
Taylor Swift will play two nights in Lisbon on May 24 and 25.  © IMAGO / TT

The 34-year-old singer has been on a tear with her recent acoustic sets, treating fans to epic mashups and live debuts in abundance.

Now, Taylor has arrived in Lisbon to play two shows at Estádio da Luz, with Paramore in tow as the opening act on both nights.

Based on her recent patterns, Swifties can expect a few things to hold true.

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For one, with the new addition of The Tortured Poets Department to The Eras Tour, the Grammy winner has been playing a track from the album that didn't make the main setlist during every surprise set so far.

So, attendees can expect at least two more TTPD songs to be played across Lisbon's surprise sets. Taylor isn't likely to repeat her latest picks, so among the remaining frontrunners are The Prophecy, imgonnagetyouback, thanK you aIMee, and Fresh Out The Slammer.

As for her other acoustic picks, it's all but certain the Karma artist will play at least one more mashup, but what are the most likely groupings?

What mashups could Taylor Swift play at The Eras Tour in Lisbon?

It's been hard to predict Taylor's mashup combos, as she doesn't have a clear formula for making the matches.

Still, it seems that songs from the same album or songs bearing similar lyrical themes are popular mashups.

With that in mind, some possible combos include happiness x So Long, London, Question...? x Glitch, or right where you left me x I Almost Do.

What surprise songs did Taylor Swift play in Lisbon?

Taylor kicked things off with a bang on night one, finally performing The Way I Loved You, which she mashed up with Come Back... Be Here and The Other Side of the Door.

She then took to the piano to play another mashup, this time with Fresh Out the Slammer and High Infidelity.

On night two, Taylor debuted The Tortured Poets Department in a mashup with Now That We Don't Talk, while her piano pick was a combination of You're On Your Own, Kid and the recently-cut Long Live.

The Eras Tour continues on May 29 in Madrid, Spain.

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