Olivia Rodrigo dishes on songwriting secrets and GUTS deluxe tracks

Los Angeles, California - Olivia Rodrigo spilled her songwriting secrets as she opened up about her sophomore album, GUTS, at the Grammy Museum.

Olivia Rodrigo performed three GUTS tracks during her visit to the Grammy Museum on Wednesday.
Olivia Rodrigo performed three GUTS tracks during her visit to the Grammy Museum on Wednesday.  © Collage: Screenshot/Instagram/oliviarodrigo

The 20-year-old paid a visit to the museum on Wednesday, where she chatted with musician Linda Perry and performed several fan-favorite tunes from the new album.

Rodrigo discussed the importance of songwriting in her life, telling Perry, "It's the way that I process everything. It's the way I decide how I feel about the world," per Variety.

Though GUTS has plenty of heartwrenching ballads like its predecessor, the Grammy winner hit back at the idea that writing sad music can't co-exist with being happy.

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"Sometimes people meet me and get to know me and they're always like, 'Wow, you're such a happy bubbly girl, [but] you write such depressing-a** songs,'" she revealed. "But I think songwriting is a medium for you to express the inexpressible and just figure out how you feel."

Before performing lacy, the Disney+ star reiterated that she wouldn't spill the elusive subject of the song but shared that it actually came from a poem she wrote at a USC class in 2022.

"I wrote this poem called 'Lacy,' about this sort of all-encompassing envy that I was feeling, for one of the assignments in class," Rodrigo revealed, with the homework later becoming the fan-favorite GUTS track.

Along with performing lacy, Rodrigo played vampire and making the bed and even dropped some new details about GUTS' hidden bonus tracks.

Olivia Rodrigo shares new details about hidden GUTS bonus tracks

While GUTS officially dropped with 12 tracks, each of the four vinyl variants of the record contained one bonus deluxe track.

At the museum, Perry named obsessed (released with the red G variant of GUTS) as one of her favorite tracks by Rodrigo, leading to the traitor artist revealing some extra intel about the song's creation.

"That's a fun one; that's a little rockier. I made it with my friend Annie Clark, St. Vincent, who is just incredible," she revealed, adding, "It's a very sort of deranged, angry-girl song, which I like."

As of right now, Rodrigo's four GUTS bonus tracks - obsessed, scared of my guitar, stranger, and girl i've always been - are only able to be heard through the vinyl records.

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshot/Instagram/oliviarodrigo

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