The Bachelor: Joey Graziadei's first fantasy suite ends in disaster before big cliffhanger

Los Angeles, California - Joey Graziadei has finally reached the fantasy suites on his run of The Bachelor, but things were less than magical on the beaches of Tulum.

Rachel (l.) had a rough go of fantasy suites, as she was sent to the hospital after going diving with Joey.
Rachel (l.) had a rough go of fantasy suites, as she was sent to the hospital after going diving with Joey.  © Screenshot/Instagram/bachelorabc

Following last week's hometowns, Joey and his remaining ladies got the chance to strengthen their connections even further with Monday's overnight dates.

Rachel was the first to kick off the dates, but before she could reunite with Joey, she got a special visit from The Golden Bachelor alum Susan!

The Kris Jenner look-alike came aboard to share some wisdom with Rachel, and she encouraged her to stop holding back her feelings and allow herself to be vulnerable in the blossoming romance.

Rachel made sure to keep this in mind, but things got off to a seriously rocky start after she and Joey went diving. The Hawaii native tried to put on a brave face, but it was clear that she was injured in the jump, and they headed to the hospital to make sure she was alright.

Thankfully, Rachel's X-ray came back clear, and the two returned to dinner. Joey proved to be quite the gentleman as he calmed her fears that she ruined the date, and Rachel then began to open up about her past relationships.

Having been cheated on several times, the show has been a challenge for her, considering Joey's ongoing relationships with the other women. Nevertheless, the deep conversation proved to strengthen their bond, and they went on to enjoy a romantic overnight date.

Joey admitted in an interview that he was "falling for Rachel" but came up short of telling her in person.

And with that, Joey was off to join Kelsey A. for a fantasy suite that, thankfully, did not end in an ER visit.

Kelsey admits her feelings for Joey

Kelsey (r.) admitted that she was in love with Joey during the pair's overnight date.
Kelsey (r.) admitted that she was in love with Joey during the pair's overnight date.  © Screenshot/Instagram/bachelorabc

Kelsey had the chance to meet with The Golden Bachelor runner-up Leslie, but while the two connected over similar experiences with grief, the conversation proved to do a bit more harm than good.

Leslie warned Kelsey to guard her heart heading into the overnights, as she knows all too well that even though your connection with the lead may feel like the real deal, you never know what his other relationships are like.

Alas, Kelsey still went on to enjoy a "magical" day of snorkeling with Joey before the two settled in for dinner.

She told Joey what Leslie had said, and he admitted that the advice was pretty smart, as he similarly regrets how confident he felt heading into his final week on The Bachelorette before Charity ultimately sent him home.

Kelsey then took a roundabout way to finally admit she was in love with Joey, revealing that she had told her dad after hometowns that she was already in love. It soon seemed that Kelsey had nothing to worry about as the tennis pro then told her, "I'm falling in love with you fully."

The two lovebirds then shared an ultra-romantic overnight date, and it looks like our season can come to a close. Oh wait, Daisy's up next!

Who wrote Joey the infamous letter?

Daisy (r.) and Joey went for an ATV ride before their fantasy suite.
Daisy (r.) and Joey went for an ATV ride before their fantasy suite.  © Screenshot/Instagram/bachelorabc

America's favorite Christmas tree farmer was paired with Sandra, who was eliminated just before hometowns on The Golden Bachelor.

With Sandra encouraging her to spice things up on the overnight dates, it sure seemed like Daisy took her words to heart, as she shared not one but two steamy makeouts with Joey amid their ATV date.

At dinner, Daisy reflected on how she felt "shut down" emotionally by past partners and said that she finally felt safe enough to open up to Joey.

After Daisy made it clear she was falling in love with him during hometowns, Joey returned the favor by telling her, "I am falling in love with you, and it has been building for a while."

Yep, our lead has made the cardinal sin of telling two contestants he's in love with them. This will surely end well!

All went well on the pair's overnight date, with the tennis pro telling the cameras that he felt confident she'd say yes if he proposed. But, naturally, the episode had to ramp up the drama as we finally got the reveal of our mysterious note-writer: Kelsey!

With Leslie's words running through her head, Kesley left a note on Joey's door that said simply, "We need to talk." The message sent Joey into a total spiral as he feared this was her getting ready to walk away.

He stormed out of his confessional in tears, saying he was "so done" and that this was his "worst nightmare."

And with that, The Bachelor has left us on a cliffhanger with no rose ceremony and the promise of one drama-filled Women Tell-All when the show returns on Monday, March 18 at 8 PM EST.

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