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What's the latest news out of China?
What's the latest news out of China?  © 123rf / Iakov Kalinin

TAG24 is here with the most interesting, controversial, amusing and shocking China News. No matter whether it's about the most recent political events and tensions, or a fantastic sporting achievement, this is the place to be.

From the latest diplomatic drama between the United States and China, the most recent Covid-19 news to come out of China, or fascinating and strange tales to emerge from this huge mega-power, TAG24 is on the case with the latest in China News and reporting.

Years-long tensions between western powers and China make the middle kingdom one of the most important and fascinating international powers out there. TAG24 stays up to date on the most important and relevant political and international relations news to come out of China.

It's not all drama, though, with China also being home to a vast assortment of amusing stories, crazy animal news, sporting successes, and interesting gossip. If you are even slightly interested in China, then this page will help you stay up to date on this huge country.

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TAG24 is here with the latest news to come out of China, be it about politics, public interest, sports, or international relations.