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What has been going on in San Francisco as of late?
What has been going on in San Francisco as of late?  © 123RF/Sean Pavone

San Francisco is a world-famous city, and home to many of America's biggest and most successful companies. What about San Francisco itself, though, what has been going on in the city? TAG24 is here with San Fran's local news, scandals, intrigue, and gossip.

Along with the presence of Silicon Valley and its related companies, San Francisco is home to a huge number of celebrities and billionaires. Along with San Fran's many big-names and icons, the Californian city is also dotted with landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. Ultimately, though, this is a city as high-profile as its celebrities.

On TAG24 you will find not only news about San Francisco's big-name celebrities, but also local bits and bobs from around the block. From reports on local crime, traffic, and new spots to check out around town, to the current political situation and San Francisco's famous activist culture, stick to this page to stay up to date with the latest.

San Francisco has a fantastic sporting culture, a vibrant city life, and a diverse selection of high-profile Universities to check out as well. With all this in mind, TAG24 will report on the goings on around the town, the biggest celebrities, biggest controversies, biggest scandals, and more. Stay tuned.

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What's going on in San Francisco? Check out TAG24 for all you need to know about San Francisco Local News, celebrities, and gossip.