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What's the latest out of Texas?
What's the latest out of Texas?  © 123RF/capybara1

From crazy animal stories to tragedy and crisis, Texas has become a symbol for conservative America. At TAG24 you will find a collection of Texas News, including recent political dramas, frightening weather events, and more.

Over recent years Texas has become a haven for people fleeing the more expensive and highly populated western and eastern states, despite its conservative leadership and poor reputation. Larger than life public figures like Elon Musk have taken up residence in the southern state, and TAG24 is here with the latest.

Texas is famous for many different reasons, many of them less than savoury. From power grid failures to the state's high latino population and love of guns, it seems that there are eternal scandals and controversies coming from the state. It's not all controversy, though, with Texas also being home to a lot of crazy stories as well.

TAG24 is here with all the craziest tales of wonder and woe, the latest freak accident and the most recent weird animal sighting. Check back on this page for the most recent news from Texan politicians like Ted Cruz as well as eternal scandals.

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