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What's up in Washington DC at the moment?
What's up in Washington DC at the moment?  © 123RF/Mehmet Doganay

What are the most recent goings on in Washington DC itself, as of late? TAG24 is here with the best spots to check out, the latest local Washington DC News, and more.

Washington DC is not just the White House, the Capital Building, and the Washington Monument. Of course, DC is a thriving metropolis full of interesting people, great places to check out, and its own share of political and social troubles to content with.

On this page, TAG24 compiles all the most recent local news from Washington DC. Are there new developments coming? What's up with the State Governor? Is the subway getting fixed or is it still a total mess? This is the place to check back on for recent goings on about the town.

From crazy catastrophes to the next corrupt politician, from amusing animal news to the next big social justice rally or award show, TAG24 brings you the most up to date information on the Washington DC area.

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Stick to TAG24 for all of your local Washington DC news, be it another scandal, or the next big thing to come to the capital.