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Discover the latest MrBeast news, videos, and philanthropy here on TAG24 News.
Discover the latest MrBeast news, videos, and philanthropy here on TAG24 News.  © Imago/Starface

MrBeast is arguably the most successful and philanthropic YouTube influencer of all time. As a result, the guy's rarely out of the headlines! With that in mind, TAG24's here to keep you updated on all the latest MrBeast news, entertainment, and philanthropy.

Jimmy Donaldson, known to most as MrBeast, began his record-breaking YouTube career in 2012, at the humble age of 13. After going viral in 2017, MrBeast has shot into the limelight over the last half decade, with his main channel boasting over 150 million subscribers as of May 2023.

MrBeast specializes in hyped-up videos which often involve giving vast quantities of money to unsuspecting people and participants of his numerous challenges. His many YouTube channels range from "reacts", to gaming, to shorts. He also has a philanthropy channel called "Beast Philanthropy", which has raised millions for charities around the world.

On top of his YouTube ventures, MrBeast has his own burger brand, a chocolate bar of his own, and a host of environmental initiatives. With so much going on, there's always something to be said about MrBeast, or something to report on, and TAG24 is here to keep you up-to-date.

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