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Refugees are forced from their homes for a variety of reasons.
Refugees are forced from their homes for a variety of reasons.  © Unsplash/Julie Ricard

Global crises have thrown millions of people out of their homes over the last few decades, driving worldwide refugee crises that have become synonymous with violence, poverty, and global neglect. TAG24 is here to report on the latest developments worldwide.

Over the last few decades record numbers of refugees have become internally or externally displaced due to a variety of factors. This global emergency, largely spurred on by conflict, environmental disasters and climate change, has resulted in a huge influx of people seeking asylum in countries like the United States.

TAG24 is here to keep you up to date on all the latest news concerning refugees. Whilst trying to be topical regarding the times in which reporting is done, this page will stay on top of news regarding Afghan, Ukrainian, Syrian, Haitian, Burmese, and any other refugee groups that need to be reported on.

On top of this, TAG24 will try to answer key questions. These questions include the likes of where refugees like those from Afghanistan or Ukraine are going, what is life like for Ukrainian refugees in the US, and more. Political, social, and cultural impacts of both policy making on refugees and asylum seekers, as well as impacts of refugees on society, will also be analyzed here.

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